The No Name Quilt

Is now available for download.  I decided since I just finished writing it up – I might as well post it.  It is here for a “limited term engagement” as stated in my original post about it and the link will be deactivated after the Memorial Day Monday holiday so if you want it – you need to remember to download it before it’s gone.

The No Name Quilt Download
dd The colored version in the header I really like which is the one shown in the instructions but this version , which does not have the same color placement as the instructions, I also really like.
Since I got sidetracked writing up the pattern I still have not gotten the table cleared off to layer the quilt I want to start on.   But that’s okay because the package of batting I would have sworn was in the closet – nowhere to be found.  I have no idea when I used it so I’ll have to go shopping.  But I have plenty to keep me busy — or not.
But I think a bit of sewing is needed around here this afternoon.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing that pattern with us. You do wonderful work in EQ7…I really must learn to use it one of these days.

    • LOL – I gave up on that long ago. I haven’t worked on any of the projects that were top of my list to work on this vacation and I just printed out some instructions for a different one I want to start. It’s a sickness….. LOL

  2. Thank you for the lovely quilt. I think it looks like sherbet – but maybe I’m just ready for something a little sweet and tangy. lol Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Thanks for this amazing quilt pattern. I do have EQ7 and know the basics, but your work inspires me with ideas. Thanks for sharing. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out, who uses your talents to impress and inspire others. Thanks!

  4. Your no-name quilt reminds me of the way flowers just suddenly seem to burst forth. How about calling it Spring Explosion? All the colorways that you’ve presented would make a beautiful quilt.

    Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. Made sure I saved it so I can work on this once we’ve relocated. Its a happy little quilt and one befitting our new home.

    Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Ossineke, MI

  5. Hi, Denise! Thank you very much for sharing this with us! It’s beautiful! I’am another sacriledge! Lol! Do not use it because I do not know the language (use a translator to read your blog and let me now). Recently there was a Blog Hop which I learned a lot and even won an award I am expecting to receive! I sit and use it, so I can definitely learn! Until I still enjoying your designs! Have a beautiful day! A hug!

  6. I love this pattern! Thanks so much for sharing it. I really appreciate all the various layout ideas, too.

  7. Like everyone else, I love this pattern, and all the many more you share. I don’t know how you do all you do. I’m not able to work, but I can’t get a fraction done that you do. I’m so glad I found you’re site several years ago. You are a lady that I look up to, and if you ever taught at a retreat within driving distance to me, I’d sure go and take your class.
    Thank You,
    Lisa in Alabama

  8. Decisions decisions decisions, which of these awesome layouts to make. Maybe all….. Just joking. Thanks for a super pattern..

  9. I Denise
    Since this is a Weekend quilt project and it happens to be Memorial day, I am going to do it in red, white and blue and call it Memorial Quickie Quilt.

  10. Thank you very much. I love the way that a block can look so different depending on colour, placement or orientation. Quilting can be so clever.

  11. Thank you so very much. I love this quilt in so many of your variations. I really can’t set myself up to do them all, now can I? Sure… I am good at starting multiple projects! Lately, an unusual thing has been happening… I have been finishing projects! Unheard of! Will post a photo when I finish… should we both live that long!!

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