Cobbled Path



Since I can’t seem to get interested in working on the blocks for the first charity quilt, and I don’t have the right batting for the first quilt I really need to get quilted (a quick order to Amazon will be bringing me a new batting supply and a new free motion foot to try on my machine), I’m headed to the stash to pull some fabrics for this design.  Another really simply one block pattern that will make a quick charity quilt.

Will have to see what fabrics I can find in the stash for it and get to some strip cutting.  Time to clear away the computer and straighten up the table since I seem to have buried the cutting mat again.  A never-ending battle.

The No Name Quilt

Is now available for download.  I decided since I just finished writing it up – I might as well post it.  It is here for a “limited term engagement” as stated in my original post about it and the link will be deactivated after the Memorial Day Monday holiday so if you want it – you need to remember to download it before it’s gone.

The No Name Quilt Download
dd The colored version in the header I really like which is the one shown in the instructions but this version , which does not have the same color placement as the instructions, I also really like.
Since I got sidetracked writing up the pattern I still have not gotten the table cleared off to layer the quilt I want to start on.   But that’s okay because the package of batting I would have sworn was in the closet – nowhere to be found.  I have no idea when I used it so I’ll have to go shopping.  But I have plenty to keep me busy — or not.
But I think a bit of sewing is needed around here this afternoon.

After many false starts

on the scarf – here’s the combination I’m currently working on.  It’s still not the look I was picturing in my mind and may not be the one I use as a gift, but it will be a scarf nonetheless because there’s always someone who needs a scarf I the winter – either gifting or donating.  Hmmm… maybe I need to order more yarn to get the look I want — LOL – not really.  But some more solid colors would be nice – there aren’t a lot off those in the stash.


So today – after finding something to eat and getting dressed – time to square up some HSTs sitting there before clearing off the table and pull out the first quilt top I want to get layered to start quilting on and go put a knit item or two in the sink to soak so I can block them a bit later.

Time to get busy.

How devastating

The news this morning of the storms overnight – how awful and sad. I finally had to turn the news off for  a while.  Prayers go out to all those affected by the horrible storms.  So sad.