Yarn Stash Diving

All I’ve accomplished this morning so far is making a yarny mess.  I wanted to find the yarn to make a man’s scarf out of.    My favorite man’s scarf pattern is the One Row Handspun Scarf.   I’ve made several of them.  Rather than the worsted yarn called for, I use two fingering weight sock yarns together.  Pattern couldn’t be easier and the ends don’t curl – I love it.

So now that I’ve pulled out every plastic storage container of yarn and rifled through them, put them all away, decided I didn’t like the combination I pulled…. repeat that process about three times. LOL  I’ve not left the containers all over my bed until I know I’ve found the winning combination (which I think I finally have).

First I pulled out these

1 I love the top one with the rusty reds and grays and the bottom one had similar shadings but much lighter.

Here they are wound.  1a I still love both of them.  But when I started knitting with them (I forgot to take a photo before I ripped it out) they were just not right.

Actually this was my second choice – I didn’t take photos of the first one but yes I wound more yarn, knit a swatch and ripped out the first choice too.   I’ve been very busy winding yarn – only to decide against it for this project.

So back to the bins once again.  This time I think I’ve found a keeper combination.  The prior scarfs I made using this yarn I used one solid and one multicolored that contained some of the solid color. You can see the ones I made in the past for my bosses  here and the other here .

I really like the way it looks when using the long color change yarns like in the first link above, but all of those that I have are girly colors so won’t work for this one.

So here’s what I finally came up with.  useThe multicolored is Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Red Fox and the other is Simplicity Sock in Clover Honey.


I was going to get a quilt layered this morning so I could start quilting on it — I am NOT in the mood to do that so I decided that will be my Tuesday morning project, or maybe later tonight.  I forgot I hadn’t washed the backing fabric so will get that tossed in the washer while I  finally get dressed (yes it’s after noon and I’m still in my jammies — ain’t vacation grand!), make some breakfast or lunch or something to eat, and  I just saw that Fiddler on the Roof is coming on tv  – who can pass that up –  so knitting away the afternoon watching that seems like very good idea.  Or at least getting a good start on the  scarf anyway.  I’d like to get it done before the Camp Loopy project starts on June 1.


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  1. I have made several One Row Handspun Scarves! I love that pattern. I also stitched the ends together to make a large infinity scarf for my daughter. Beautiful yarns. Please post the results.

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