Winner of the drawing

Well the random number generator picked a winner for the name that quilt contest from those who correctly entered the giveaway by leaving their name suggestion on the proper blog post and following the other rule to enter.

None of the names really said to me — yep, that’s the one.  But there were some really great suggestions – some which I have already used for other quilt patterns, some that are dependent on what color fabrics you would use, and others dependent on which layout you use.  You’ve heard of the brand “No Name Steaks”, well I think this project will be the No Name Quilt — you will have to give it whatever name you like based on your own choices.

Now back to that winner of the Stitchin with Justquiltin mousepad — lucky # 1 which is:

Dar in MO
I love that you can arrange it in so many different ways.  The last one reminds me of “Rivers & Plains” with the darker greys in various shades of blues.  Thanks for the inspirations.
So Dar, please email me at with your full name and mailing address and I’ll get the prize out in the mail next week — which reminds me, Janet P – when I was cleaning yesterday I moved the stuff that goes in your package which I forgot to mail last week. Sheesh!  So it will go out next week too when I get back to work.

Now back to that dang scarf I’ve been trying to find the right yarn combinations for.  I have wasted all afternoon winding balls of yarn, knitting an inch or so or more and tossing them in a basket because I don’t like the combinations. LOL  But I was looking at an old picture of some yarn and in it I think I may have discovered a good combination – so I’m off to go find just where I stashed those.


Well I did spend a little time updating part of the blog – things I had put off because it just took too long with the dial up but now are super speedy.    So, the Hoffman Fabrics button in the sidebar has been updated.  The slide show includes images of all the patterns I have designed for  them over the last three (I think) years that I’ve been doing it.  All patterns shown there are available for free download from the Hoffman fabrics website.  There’s even a sneak peek at a fabric line or two that are being released at market right now.

I also updated a little of the Sticks and Strings page.  I need to finish blocking some completed items so I can get all the photos loaded there.    My plan before heading into the sewing room tomorrow morning is to get a couple of items soaked and pinned out on the blocking boards so if I do a couple of items each day, I may get them all done by the end of the week.

Yarn Stash Diving

All I’ve accomplished this morning so far is making a yarny mess.  I wanted to find the yarn to make a man’s scarf out of.    My favorite man’s scarf pattern is the One Row Handspun Scarf.   I’ve made several of them.  Rather than the worsted yarn called for, I use two fingering weight sock yarns together.  Pattern couldn’t be easier and the ends don’t curl – I love it.

So now that I’ve pulled out every plastic storage container of yarn and rifled through them, put them all away, decided I didn’t like the combination I pulled…. repeat that process about three times. LOL  I’ve not left the containers all over my bed until I know I’ve found the winning combination (which I think I finally have).

First I pulled out these

1 I love the top one with the rusty reds and grays and the bottom one had similar shadings but much lighter.

Here they are wound.  1a I still love both of them.  But when I started knitting with them (I forgot to take a photo before I ripped it out) they were just not right.

Actually this was my second choice – I didn’t take photos of the first one but yes I wound more yarn, knit a swatch and ripped out the first choice too.   I’ve been very busy winding yarn – only to decide against it for this project.

So back to the bins once again.  This time I think I’ve found a keeper combination.  The prior scarfs I made using this yarn I used one solid and one multicolored that contained some of the solid color. You can see the ones I made in the past for my bosses  here and the other here .

I really like the way it looks when using the long color change yarns like in the first link above, but all of those that I have are girly colors so won’t work for this one.

So here’s what I finally came up with.  useThe multicolored is Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Red Fox and the other is Simplicity Sock in Clover Honey.


I was going to get a quilt layered this morning so I could start quilting on it — I am NOT in the mood to do that so I decided that will be my Tuesday morning project, or maybe later tonight.  I forgot I hadn’t washed the backing fabric so will get that tossed in the washer while I  finally get dressed (yes it’s after noon and I’m still in my jammies — ain’t vacation grand!), make some breakfast or lunch or something to eat, and  I just saw that Fiddler on the Roof is coming on tv  – who can pass that up –  so knitting away the afternoon watching that seems like very good idea.  Or at least getting a good start on the  scarf anyway.  I’d like to get it done before the Camp Loopy project starts on June 1.