Stashbusting and Name that quilt…..

Stashbusting for this week — nonexistent.  But look out next week!!  or so I hope — I’m on vacation all week and hope to get lots of quilting accomplished now that I’ve gotten some cleaning out of the way.  Wouldn’t want to spend toooo much time cleaning while on vacation!  But check out the other stash reports at Judy’s (  I’m sure there are others who have actually accomplished some quilting and stashbusting this week.


Anyone up for a little Memorial Day quilting?? or at least a free pattern that  will be available only that weekend for download.

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This project needs a name.  It’s shown sort of in gray scale images below (which I think would make a wintery looking quilt) so that you have to use your imagination to figure out how it would look in the colors you like. The green version reminds me of all those shades of green around me that are early spring.

Yes, it’s HST intensive but so many fun quilts are.   It could be done scrappy like substituting all red fabrics for the darkest gray, all blue fabrics for the sort of taupy gray for a more patriotic look – maybe your 4th of July picnic quilt or for one of the groups collecting quilts for soldiers.  Bright orange yellow and red batiks — it would look more like giant sunballs.

Whatever your color/fabric choices, it’s all easy stitching.  The directions will be “quicky” directions — cutting and sewing instructions for one block only. I’m on vacation — I don’t want to write long detailed instructions for the whole quilt but you can successfully make it from the one block directions.  I will also give you the EQ7 yardage estimates for the whole quilt but depending on your method of making HSTs,  you may need to adjust your yardage.

This first quilt image is made up of 48 blocks.  You will be able to adjust the size of your quilt depending on how large you make your HSTs, by adding borders, or by adding more blocks.  It’s all easily adjustable to suit your needs.  The base size that I’ll be giving you for the design shown is 54″ x 72″ as shown with no borders – a large lap size.

So leave a comment on this blog post with  ONE and only one name suggestion to be eligible to win one of the Stitchin with Justquiltin mouse pads which match the design for the button in the sidebar for those projects.  I’ll pick a winner later in the week.

Now — look at all the different ways you can lay out these same blocks from the first image to get different layouts looks.  Some look southwest in style and would look even more so stitched in desert colors.


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46 comments on “Stashbusting and Name that quilt…..

  1. I love that you can arrange it in so many different ways. The last one reminds me of “Rivers & Plains” with the darker greys in various shades of blues. Thanks for the inspirations.

  2. Love the block and all it’s variations! How about “variations on a theme?” I’m no good at naming things…as you can tell…but I’ m excited about making this block. Thanks in advance for sharing!

  3. Sunshine in the Meadow. That’s what I thought of when I looked at the green one. I love the colors and can’t wait for the pattern, it’s beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration. P.S. I’m new to your blog and really enjoying it!

  4. Very pretty pattern, at first it reminded me of corn and beans but looking at the colorway and all the different ways to put it together, I would say Shattered Stars. Really versatile pattern.

  5. In the original colorway – change the yellow center squares to red then call it Strawberry Limeade. Or, leave as is, and call it Lemon Limeade. Either one works for – now I have to go to Sonic…………

  6. I love the Green Quilt , it make me think of Spring , but with all the ways you can make it and chancing colors will make it look different I say a Stars of Versatility.
    Linda G

  7. I too thought of spring when I first saw the green and yellow version and the gray version reminds me of winter and so, Season’s Star is my entry for a name.

  8. The first thought for a name was ‘Star Burst” – and now I see others have made the same comment! I also like the ‘Seasons Star” idea because of the various colorways can make it spring, summer, fall and winter. Can’t wait to make it!

  9. Wow! What and eye popper. Love the quilt and think it would look great in just about any color way.

  10. I love the greens and yellows!! really reminds me of the warm weather we finally have in iowa, two weeks ago had 6-12inches of snow uuugh and now finally temps 80’s and leaves on the trees this week. I would go with the spring theme too–“Bursting Spring” or “Burst into Spring” “Spring Bursts”

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  12. I thought of “Orange Grove” in the original colored one, but not sure how that will work in other colors. Nice block though and it looks great on your header.

  13. How about ‘Sunrise Surprise’….it makes me think of a sunrise. Your work is always so beautiful!

  14. The green and yellow quilt makes me happy everytime I look at it! It is so cheerful!
    I’d call it “Happy”. Even the blue/gray could be “Snow Happy”.

  15. I first thought of “My Geese Friends and their Friends” Can’t wait for the pattern. thanks

  16. I think I would call it, “Star Crossed Paths”, as that is what all the variations look like to me.

  17. Rhonda

    This title is too long but fits: Every Which Way But Up
    I love seeing the variety of ways the pattern can be put together.

  18. I love the one with the half-stars along the top/bottom/side edges. I’d call it “Stars Come Out To Play”.

  19. I love all the layouts that you have provided. I think I would tend to call it “You Make Me Dizzzzeeeee”
    My eyes get sensitive at times and play games with me and I think some layouts, depending on the fabrics would tend to make me dizzy. I just love these though. I want to try it but I haven’t found your pattern yet.

  20. I liked all the variations, but I really liked the first one posted. Reminded me of dandelions. I’d call it Dandelion Invasion!!

  21. in your latest colourized post….there was one green and yellow…..reminds me “Lemons and Limes” very refreshing and fun.

  22. “Sunshine Shadows” for the first one, then “Woven Sparkles”, then “Navaho Dance”, then “Thistle Road”, then “Thistle Dual”, and lastly “Electric Spark” The block is so versatile, can’t wait to see other colours you may use. XXX

  23. “Starburst” was my first thought and I see others have suggested that too. I liked the Strawberry Limeaid suggestion too. In a yellow/brown colorway it could be called “Sunflower.”

  24. When comparing the colored version to the neutral, I can see the star more clearly when darker fabric is use closer to the center So my option for a name if I were making it would be “Center Star”

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