My last Pinterest comment….

I came across this comment from someone on Pinterest  …….

Had very
ugly woman demand I remove her art from my pin. Why does anyone think they can
control their stuff on the web? If you don’t want it loved, don’t post

Now you might think an angry rant is coming on but no….. I’ve changed my mind about Pinterest thanks to the woman who left this comment about me.   Yes – she (let’s call her Julie) left this comment in response to my asking her to take down my old blog header image from her Pins.

Well, I’ve never claimed to be a raving beauty but “ugly woman”?    I’m pretty sure my message, which was basically the same for those I left comments for asking them to remove my images from their pins, was something to the effect that “on two different places on the front page of my blog it says no pinning –  please abide by this simple request and remove.”   Now, that’s probably not verbatim but it’s the general message I had been leaving – simple statement of fact.  There were several who took down the images I asked without calling me names – very much appreciated.  Apparently Julie felt affronted by my request.

Let’s see — should she have felt affronted when there are things like  (1) copyright laws  which are not moot just because something is posted to the web  (2) Pinterest’s own copyright rules —  the fact that if Julie were to read the rules of Pinterest she would see it violates their rules not to pay attention to the requests of sites  where she is pinning/stealing images from; (3) the fact that yes in two prominent places I did have that my quilt images were not to be pinned and I assume if someone is able to surf the web and pin, they are able to read.   And because she chose to ignore all those things and I asked her to remove the image – I’m an ugly person.  ROFLOL    I could have simply filled out the little Pinterest form to force the removal but if Pinterest gets enough complaints about a person through their forms,  they will shut down their boards – that was not my goal so I didn’t do that.

So because Julie has given me my laugh for the day (people who feel THEY have been oh so wronged  when their behavior was out of line are always amusing), I’ve decided to stop caring about Pinterest entirely.   I’ll never understand it, but I’m not going to worry about that.   I’ve just now removed the “please don’t Pin” my images messages from the main page of my blog.  Have at it – pin to your heart’s content — I don’t care anymore.  Just do not ever mention Pinterest to me or leave a comment about Pinterest in any way shape or form.

So you have Julie to thank — her rude comment and outrage when she was totally in the wrong hit me on a day where I found it comical.  I’ll just be a bit more careful about not posting images of quilts that I have an inkling I may want to publish or sell so perhaps a bit less eye candy but hey – anything to make Julie happy.   🙂


And now -off to go download the update to EQ7.  When it first came out on my dialup it was going to take several hours – yep hours – to download.  It should take about 5 or 10 minutes now.  Yes — I am definitely enjoying the new internet service!  And then to figure out what I’m going to sew on this afternoon.