More eye candy

a-wovenHere’s a couple more images using the block previously posted in the quilt that I’m searching for a name for here    I didn’t want to post them all originally in color since when searching for a name, many people will base it on the color of the quilt.  I do that sometimes too but wanted to see what names would be suggested when mostly posted gray-scale.  Heck who knows what color this quilt will end up or which layout it will be.   I particularly love this layout where the black makes the woven design pop a bit more.  Must be my new weaving obsession carrying over into the quilts.  Plus the original layout in blue and yellow – is there anything more fresh and summery looking than a blue and yellow quilt?


Now to get back to work on the charity challenge quilt.  Pieces to press before going on to the next stitching step.

I timed my quick trip to the grocery store well.  It was sunny, warm and really windy.  About 10 minutes after I got home, it was dark and really windy, followed by downpour.  The wind has let up and it’s a nice rain going on out there at the moment.


9 comments on “More eye candy

  1. I can’t help it, everytime I look back at it, it reminds me of Christmas Crackers…you know the kind you pull and they snap?
    How about “Crackers”

  2. I haven’t been over since you put up the new header and I LOVE it! It’s so cheerful and bright and pleasing to the eye. Thanks for that bit of cheer tonight.

  3. I don’t know why but it looks to me like shuffling cards so how about “Card Shuffle”?

  4. Love the design I would call it “Woven Sparkles.” I also like your new header it looks so fresh and I love the blue and yellow quilt too.

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