One giant leap forward

I finally am ditching the dial-up internet and if WordPress would just fix whatever it’s problem is with loading photos — blog posts would be super duper speedy to do! But, now I just need to get a wireless router at some point so I don’t have to hook up the cable to the computer and I’ll really be cookin!

Here’s the latest sock to come off the needles  finished in the wee hours of the morning this morning.

and here’s the other side of it.  It did some pooling but mostly they just remind me of hot fudge sauce on peach ice cream (which has made me hungry for hot fudge sauce on any kind of ice cream!).  I do love this brand of yarn – Three Irish Girls.  

While waiting for the internet dude to arrive, I did get some pieces of my challenge quilt sewn.  And since then some laundry has been done — it’s finally time to wash up and pack away those heavy winter sweaters and some of the quilts I snuggle under when watching tv.   I was getting  ready to bake some bread when the internet guy showed up so never got it mixed up, but I just need to reheat the water and shortening to the right temp and can get back on track.    Last night and part of today I rearranged the living room so I think my cleaning is done for a while — at least until closer to the end of my vacation when I’ll probably need to do it all over again.

I do need to go through a big laundry basket of yarn I have collected from recent orders or stuff I had pulled out but decided to use something else for the project I was making.  I picked up two small storage containers in case I need more room and I’m hoping as I clean out the basket I will find that elusive ball of yarn for one of my pooling sock challenge socks.  I also need to pull out my Loopy Ewe 2nd quarter challenge project and get the last couple rows finished on that so I’ll be all ready to concentrate on my first Camp Loopy project.

Now to the kitchen and that bread and to decide what to take out of the freezer for dinner!

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  1. You will find a big difference with Word Press once you get fast connection. I found that oui!

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