On The Needles Friday – May 17, 2013

Several things on the needles but here’s what I was working on last night

This was one of the yarns I picked for the pooling challenge.  Not much pooling going on – just “the barber pole swirl” where the  colors sort of spiral down around the leg is spots.  Out of the 4 different yarns I picked for the pooling challenge — one gave me really cool pooling and  the rest are doing he barber pole swirl to various degrees.  But I do love the pair that really pooled.

 My Camp Loopy package arrived yesterday! I ordered the project bag for Camp – the cute owl, which has strings to make it into a backpack. LOL Everyone is assigned to a group each new camp project – just for fun and chat on Ravelry.
In the past years we have been broken down into tents or cabins, canoes, named after bugs, etc. This first time we are split into hiking groups. An each hiking group is assigned to a mountain that is shown in this year’s camp logo on the pin below.  I was assigned to Mt. Loopius which is the mountain on the far right.  WHEW! Good thing I’m not hiking that largest one! LOL  An no, that’s not a yeti hiding in the mountain — it’s Loopy.

Here’s the yarn I got for my first Camp Loopy project. Can you see the label? It’s “Space Cadet” yarn and it has a space cadet on the label — very clever and very cute. 🙂 And I think my project is going to be Kinta

This is the other yarn that I also ordered. The little balls are Loopy Cakes – they come as a group and also some Loopy solids white to go with it. Originally I had planned to weave a scarf out of the Loopy Cakes and white. But I may change my mind. I just found out a friend is due in December and that yarn would make an oh so cute baby sweater. But I think I’ve got another set of the Loopy Cakes here in a similar color group that would make a good baby project too so need to pull that out and look at it.

And even more exciting than all this yarny goodness — ELEVEN STRAIGHT DAYS OF VACATION.  Yep – I’m officially on vacation which is why it’s 10:30 and I’m still in my jammies, sippin coffee, on the computer.  BUT I have started the laundry.  Today is my “cleaning day” — get rid of the clutter, vacuum and dust, laundry.   Then I can move on to more fun things and make a new mess. LOL  Several quilts to finish.  Need to take inventory of the batting and see how much is there. 

Tomorrow I move a bit more into this century – yep I am finally getting rid of my dial up internet so have a 2 hour window in the morning when the guy should be out to hook me up.  I already have phone service through this company so shouldn’t take too long to get things set up.  I am so looking forward to that.  And when they were quoting me prices – close to $40 for the internet addition, I told them I pay nearly $60 a month for the phone.  Seriously should a land line cost that much? I don’t think so.  So I asked the if they couldn’t do better than the $60. It always pays to ask and lo and behold — while he didn’t offer it up front — when I asked he was able to give me phone AND internet for only $69 a month.  Seriously?  If I hadn’t asked it would have been $100.  Now that’s a racket.    But I am really looking forward to finally ditching the dial up — then I’ll have the fun of having to change my email address on everything the dial up email was linked to — ebills, etc.  That I am so not looking forward to but oh well.

Now on to that cleaning so I can move on to more fun stuff!  Hope over to Judy’s to see what is on everyone else’s needles.