Saturday Sewing Progress – 5/11/13

I’ve been puttering with a couple of things but then settled in and found the pieces to my checkerboard border for City Streets – the prior Stitchin with Justquiltin project before Let It Shine.cs

So those are now done and I just need to decide what fabric I want to use for the inner border before I add the checkerboards.  I know I had one picked out but then there was the great sewing room cleanup and I’m not sure where it ended up.  So along with a missing ball of yarn I need, I will have to search for the fabric I wanted to use.

But I think I’ll have this top all finished today — unless I get sidetracked again — because I also really want to get a new project set up on the loom but I’m avoiding eye contact with the loom so I don’t get sucked away from the sewing room to do that.

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  1. I agree with Marion. It is very pretty on the blog and I am sure it is even better in person.

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