And the winner is……

toteI had the random number generator pick two different numbers – at the time of the drawing there were 38 photos loaded to the Justquiltin Flickr group. I don’t know if the photos appear in the same order for everyone else as they do for me but, irregardless, it actually generated two numbers that were NOT my own photos that I loaded.  Numbers 6 and 21 —  congratulations Janet P! Both numbers corresponded to your quilts – #6 Pinfeathers and #21 Crocus Clusters.  So the tote bag, mouse pad and I think there’s still some pens around here too will be headed your way.   You’ll need to email me to remind me about the address – but after all the swaps I do actually remember the city/state. LOL   

I think the random number generator knew that Janet has probably completed more of my quilt designs than I have! LOL She is prolific — I think because there’s always one of her kids or other family member laying claim to one of those quilts as soon as she finishes it.   There are several photos in the Flickr album that Janet has finished but my own version of that project is still  waiting to be completed.

Congratulations Janet!


City Streets Top done

citystreets  I decided I just needed to get those borders done tonight so got back to work on it and here it is.  So it’s ready to layer and quilt.  I want to get the binding made tomorrow so it’s all set to go.  So I’m getting closer to caught up on some projects.

I haven’t started my own Let It Shine but I think I’m actually going to wait a while before starting on that one.  I’ve got a couple other batik quilts I want to finish first and will need some more batiks in order to complete those.  So might as well have the leftovers from those projects too to mix into the scrappiness of Let It Shine.  Now I just need to get caught up on the Strictly for the Birds before the next one comes out.  I’ve got a little pile at the end of the sewing table with some fabrics I think I may use for that but haven’t gotten started.

Tomorrow I plan to get the blocks for my nephew’s graduation quilt up on the design wall so I can start sewing rows together.


Yes – I may be a bit warped but I was actually referring to the loom.  I decided I really wanted to get it ready to go on the next project. 


Here I put a couple of stripes areas spread out — I don’t really have a true plan other than all the colors will be used in the weft to weave with.    One of the things I’d really like to make is a totebag using the woven cloth from the loom, and adding some fabric/quilted areas to it also.  I had thought about doing that with these yarns but will have to wait and see how it looks when done.  I am generally not tidy and careful enough with totebags that I should be carrying one with too much white in it but once the other colors are added in it may not be a problem .

hemI also realized that the left over yarn from my Mom’s table runner would also work with this yarn.  You can see some of that flecked yarn added in the below the horizontal green section.  I started adding the flecked yarn to see how it would look and got carried away and realized I forgot to hem stitch the bottom edge so simply restarted  – which is where the green line going horizontally is — that’s the hem stitching and everything below that will be removed once it’s finished.  If I don’t use it to make a bag, then the edge will be fringed below the hemstitching.

I didn’t get the City Streets top totally done but I did come to a decision – which is half the battle.  I didn’t have enough of the fabric I wanted to use for the plain inner borders so I’m going to skip the plain borders on the side and put a thinner plain border between the quilt center and the checkerboard borders.  That’s on tomorrow’s agenda tho — I’ve got some weaving to do.

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Saturday Sewing Progress – 5/11/13

I’ve been puttering with a couple of things but then settled in and found the pieces to my checkerboard border for City Streets – the prior Stitchin with Justquiltin project before Let It Shine.cs

So those are now done and I just need to decide what fabric I want to use for the inner border before I add the checkerboards.  I know I had one picked out but then there was the great sewing room cleanup and I’m not sure where it ended up.  So along with a missing ball of yarn I need, I will have to search for the fabric I wanted to use.

But I think I’ll have this top all finished today — unless I get sidetracked again — because I also really want to get a new project set up on the loom but I’m avoiding eye contact with the loom so I don’t get sucked away from the sewing room to do that.

Tote Bag Giveaway – final reminder

Have you loaded your photos to the Flickr group to be eligible for the giveaway  drawing this weekend?

The more photos, the better your odds of winning. 🙂 And I’ve still got some of the mouse pads with the same design on them to give away so may have to draw for one or two of those.

Drawing will be sometime this weekend – whenever I remember to do it — so there’s still time………

Granny’s Hankie photos…

This is a shout out to the ladies at the Wild Rose Quilt Shop who are taking the Granny’s Hankie class from Andria.  Granny’s Hankie was the 2011 BOM free pattern on the blog.  The link to pictures of the quilts/blocks  that blog readers made at that time, are in the sidebar.  But here are photos directly from Andria’s class which they were kind enough to share and gave me permission to share with you.   I think you’ll agree there are going to be some beautiful quilts and it’s so fun to see the blocks done in all different styles/color combinations. I like the fabrics in each group of them for different reasons and there definitely are some talented ladies taking the class.