On The Needles Friday – May 10 2013

There’s been a little bit of knitting this week but not much.  My pink and brown socks which were part of the pooling challenge – – they’re not pooling a lot but I just turned the heel on one so it will be interesting to see  if the gusset/foot looks different from the top.  I’m too lazy to go take a photo of them.

a.poolyHere’s my pooling socks that really turned out fun.  The lower sock is how it looks across the top of that one and then it’s a side view of the other sock.

I need to get some better photos tho of all the way around them.  I love the way they turned out.  Of course the toes aren’t the result of pooling — I was running out of yarn so needed to make the toes out of something else.

I also need to go on a hunt for the yarn to finish off my other pair of pooling socks.  I have one sock done, but then wanted to see what this blue/green/brown would do so set it aside to make these first.  Now that I want to go back and make the second sock to the other pair – yarn is no where to be found.  I cleaned up all the yarny stuff since I had finished that first sock so I’m sure it got stuck somewhere “safe” — so I need to launch a search for it.

The new loom has eaten up some of my time I would have normally probably spent knitting but that’s okay.  I’ve been walking by the poor empty loom all week but have just been too tired or too busy (busy reading two different books I wanted to finish or doing crossword puzzles – I’m addicted to them  – on my Nook)  to warp up a new project.  This weekend I should be able to rectify that.

My Mom loved her tablerunner I wove her for Mother’s day.  I’m not sure what I’ll work on next – placemats or maybe runner for my breakfast bar.  When I ordered the yarn for my Mom’s runner, I had also ordered this cotton yarn since I didn’t know  which  I wanted to use for her.


 They are all cotton and I may try something striped or plaidish looking using them.  At the same time I also ordered this sock yarn because I just love teals and browns together.  It’s like a paler version of the socks above (tho the socks above are sort of washed out.  The color is “Loopy’s Summer Garden.”  I plan to do some weaving, rather than knitting, with this.


  This weekend – I have much to do but just have to figure out how I’m going to fit it all in.  Stopped at the bookstore after dinner tonight so have a couple new DVDs to watch (and a couple new books on the Nook) but I’ll have the movies to keep me busy while I sew.  I have several sewing projects with sort of deadlines so I need to get busy on some of them.

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