Sewing Room Spring cleaning – Day 2

I’m definitely losing momentum this afternoon  – time for a long coffee break.  Today turned out to be a very nice day – 70 and it was sunny tho it’s clouding over now.  A good day to open the windows and let in some fresh air after that long winter.

I like the type of cleaning where you see major progress — a new shelving unit reloaded with fabric, etc.  Today I spent mostly going through the baskets and little boxes and storage containers that “stuff” had gotten stuck into.  All manner of stuff.  That makes for slow and tedious work.

isc blocks

Like these orphan blocks tucked in one box.  The candy cane tree I think I might have more of somewhere.  The “Dorothy Daisy” was a block that didn’t get used in the Wizard of Oz quilt I made my sister.  the vase has ruched flowers but needs something on the empty stems – I think I had planned little berries but can’t remember, two blocks from the Granny’s Hankie BOM, and my favorite is

this guypainting  – in the past I had done an Alice in Wonderland quilt and had planned on doing a sequel — He is one of the blocks I was trying – to see if the fabric I bought with the playing cards printed on it would work for the bodies and somewhere there are other hand drawn blocks for this project.  His pain bucket is magically suspended since I haven’t gone in an am embroidered a bucket handle yet.

I also found these

kits The batik pieces are left overs (enough for a whole nother quilt like the wedding quilt I made my niece.  Just need to cut the background sections.  And several little quilts for fast charity projects. — forgot I had  bought those. Also found parts to a couple baby quilts – must have just been making them as donation quilts – need to finish those off.   The real dilemma will be which projects to finish off first.  And I even found more 6.5″ batik heart blocks on black background.  I thought I had used all of those but no – there’s a huge baggie of them.  I used to make them when I didn’t have another hand project to work on so just made masses of them and I can’t remember how many charity quilts I’ve already made of them – probably 5 or 6 – but there’s still more. 

closet  Extra wooden shelf is in the closet holding patterns, knitting projects in progress in tubs,  computer stuff and miscellaneous stuff.    Some other day I’ll pull out all the storage tubs of tops and swap blocks and other unfinished projects — stored in the sides of the closet that you can’t see — to sort them and get rid of what I don’t plan to finish and finally get them cleaned out but that can wait for some other rainy day. 

corner  And the other side of the room.  The wooden crates have gone to the laundry room to add a bit of storage area in that smaller room and I was able to get the empty flower pots and other stuff that was piled in there organized and out of the way since someone is coming to put in a new water meter tomorrow — now they can actually get to it.

So now I just need to clean off the clutter that is still on the table, move the table  and lamps to where they belong, put the bulletin board back up somewhere, etc.

I  think I shall let all that go until tomorrow night tho.  I’ve lost the will to clean. LOL  A quick run of the vacuum through the living room, fold the last load of laundry and remake the bed, and then wait for my dinner to get done.  Steak, baked potato and salad – my favorite meal.  

I’m nearly done with one pair of pooling socks.  Just another 10 rows or so on the toe and one pair will be done.  I’ve still got about two feet of  binding to stitch down on the quilt I was working on last weekend so that is finally going to get done tonight too.