It’s 8:30 p.m. and I think I’m calling it quits in the sewing room for today. 

shelf2  After a late lunch I got the second shelving unit put together (well I did reward myself for the mornings work with a half hour or so of knitting on my pooling socks) but the majority of the fabric is now stowed on its shelves.    The crates between tv and fabric shelves will likely come out of there – those will fit in the laundry room and will be a good place to stash a few things and my recycling container should fit on top of it nicely.

The table still holds a mess and there’s one of the two shelf wooden units you can’t see that holds various baskets and containers of projects in various stages, etc. that needs to be cleaned up but the major fabric moving is accomplished.  Tomorrow perhaps I’ll tackle the closet.

I ate breakfast very late, and lunch very late, and darn the quilting fairies did not make me dinner again!  Guess a bowl of popcorn will do.

Coffee break time


One corner of the sewing room cleaned out and  one shelf of fabric restacked.

This one is arranged by type of fabric  basically.  Bottom shelf plus another stack are all christmas/winter prints, the prints of all kinds that don’t really fit in well anywhere on my other shelves which are arranged by color, and there’s a stack of flannels, stack of asian prints, stack of a Ryan McKenna fabric line,  stack or two of batiks, etc.

My nemesis in this room is always that treadmill — in more ways than one — but its awkward and always seems to be in my way.  But, I’ve done some measuring and these metal cabinets fit into areas much better than the wooden ones did so I think the treadmill can go in front of the window.  The back of it will be in front of my spare design wall but if I need to use that wall, I can just fold the treadmill up and it will be out of my way.  But part of this spring cleaning plan was to find a good spot for the treadmill so it actually doesn’t need to be dusted off because it’s getting used and hasn’t had time to get covered in dust from being stagnant!

My plan to put half a wooden shelving unit in the laundry room — hmmmm someone forgot to think that all the way thru.  Sure I could still get by between the shelf and the washer and dryer to use them BUT  I forgot I need to be able to open the dryer door. LOL  Yeah, that plan won’t work.


And here’s how well the scarf I wove will go with the dresser.  I’d show you how it looks on top as a dresser scarf but I haven’t cleaned up all the mess cluttered on top of the dresser.  But the color goes really well with the color of my bedroom set.

dsCoffee break over – time to get back to work.

Let It Shine – Stitchin with Justquiltin May Project – Precutting info

windowpaneblock For those of you who will be joining in the Let It Shine project, I’ll give you a bit of the cutting instructions now so that you can precut some of your scraps if you want.   Part of why I don’t do a lot of scrappy quilts is I hate dragging out all those fabrics since it takes more time to cut (and messes up the stash wayyyy bad)  so here is a bit of precutting you can do if you want.

The image is what I call the “windowpane block”.   There are a total of 45 windowpane blocks in the quilt.  Below are the cutting instructions for the sections of the block which are shown in blue in the image.   

  • You will need :    (2) 2.5” x 4.5” rectangles
  •                                 AND
  •                                 (4) 2.5” x 2.5” squares – draw diagonal line on back.

So you will need 45 sets of those pieces. 

All other cutting instructions will be released with the start of the project.

Mine will be batiks and my plan is to not use any fabric more than once in the quilt — we’ll see if that will work when I start cutting since I want to have a wide variety of colors — I may need to add a few to the stash so my blocks don’t turn out more in one color family than another.

And I know I sound like a broken record… but people find these projects at different times on the blog so I get a lot of the same questions at various times… so for those who are just finding this project now, all other info to date pertaining to this project will be found by clicking the “Stitchin With Justquiltin” button in the sidebar and reading the info there.  You’ll find yardage, date the project starts and other useful info such as that on that main project page.

Now I’ve puttered away to much of the morning on the computer — more coffee, food, get dressed, and then into the sewing room I go.  The day that looked like it might actually be sunny when I took the prior photo of the green on the hillside — has now turned decidedly gray and gloomy and looks like it will start raining again any second.  A good day to putter about in the sewing room cleaning.

My first plan of attack is to do a general cleaning/ clean out of the sewing room  and get things reorganized.  Then some other day I’ll go through all the storage boxes in the closet and cull out the projects that I know I won’t ever finish in the blocks boxes and tops boxes and stop hanging on to those.

More coffee, more coffee……

Spring Cleaning commences

At least sitting here – I’m thinking that I will be cleaning this weekend.  That thought could get overridden at any time (like before I even shut off the computer) in favor of doing something else instead.  But I think I shall head to the sewing room to do some reorganizing and my kitchen cabinets are in a state of chaos — don’t you hate it when those plastic containers tend to fling out a you when you open a cabinet door! LOL

So that’s my plan — spring cleaning since it is actually, belive it or not,  looking like

woodsSPRING!!!  All that bright bright green starting to show up on the hillside and with that one day that was 85 degrees this week (then dropped back to 30s and 40s and rain) I swear you could have stood there and watched the leaves sprouting out on the trees.


So part of tackling the spring cleaning in the sewing room is trying to organize things better – I’m feeling claustrophobic in that room with stuff piled everywhere.  The extra chair that is to my outdoor patio set that sits in there during the winter months, has been moved back out to the patio so that’s one thing gone which just had “stuff” piled on top of it that needs to go back to where it belongs.

The wooden shelves for the stash (I two of the pegs that hold two sections together stacks so I’ve had to use them separately) are just taking up too much space, so I’ve got new shelving units where the shelves themselves are a bit wider so the fabric should fit better the way I have it folded, and I think I’ll like them better than the wooden ones  One section of the wooden shelving may get relegated to the laundry room if it will fit in the little area I’m hoping to put it.

But I’ll even show you the “BEFORE” photos of the sewing room any hopefully when I post the “AFTER” photos — it will be a much more organized and less cluttered space to work in.

mess 1mess2  You can see one of the new metal shelving units sitting among the mess i the first photo.  I still have to put the second unit together.


I also finished the tablerunner I was weaving last night which turned out pretty good.  There’s an area that got pulled in a bit on the sides but not too bad and so I’m off to wash it and block it first before doing the final trim on the fringes