Cricket Loom – Project 4

I finally got the dresser scarf off the loom this afternoon.  I still need to figure out how long I want the fringe on the dresser scarf and then trim it up but it turned out nice.

So, since I had no bosses at the office today, I decided I would take off a little early this afternoon (which was good since at the normal time I get home it was pouring rain).  And a bit later, my yarn order for some cotton yarn I wanted to make either placemats or a tablerunner, which just might be or a gift I need to mail early next week if I like how they turn out) arrived!  Perfect.  Came home, untied the other project from the loom, and  started warping the new project.

Here is my “hi-tech” warping peg in the photo – the top of the chair back.  I do have a peg but really no place to attach it where I was working that was the right distance away so the chair works – adjustable to any length! 🙂

hitech  The angle that I took the photo at makes it look like its warped really looooong.

A bit of an optical illusion.

But here it is all ready do go with the header beat in place — it’s actually strips of plastic grocery bags woven at the beginning to get the warp spread out evenly.  You know I love Ravelry — well they have a Cricket Loom group full of great ideas too (which is where I read the plastic bag strips idea).  I’ve already made a list of several scarf designs I want to make — there’s a log cabin one and a pinwheel one but I want to make a few more plainer things first and what I really want to do (but need to decide what yarn I want to use) is weave the fabric to make myself a new purse or tote bag out of.  But the Ravelry group is great – especially fun to see the different yarns used and what people have made with them.

project 4 The yarn I’m using for this project is Plymouth Yarn, Sweet Caroline – it’s 100% cotton.  The warm on the loop is white with a tan fleck and then I’ll be weaving in the white/brighter flecked yarn.

But a break for a sandwich and then I can get going on this one.


My new shelving units for the sewing room will have to wait till tomorrow night or maybe the weekend.  I’ve got one put together but need to put together the other and then do some staring at the sewing rom to decide how I want to rearrange things, etc.