Pooling Socks

It’s not too late to enter Judy’s Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge.  But it soon will be since you need to take a photo of the yarn you will use for the challenge on calendar so it shows the month of March in the photo.  You’ll find the challenge requirements at the link.

Here’s the first yarn I chose. Notice the bright pink (pink being my not so favorite color) and the bright orange with the blue.

fiberab5When knit up you get more of an orange sherbert color as the orange and pink sort of blend together.  I like it.   The  first photo is looking down the front of the sock.

The next photos are the left and right side of that one sock – which I finished last night.


The socks have a swirl going around and down to the left, when it got to the heel flap — it’s all speckly and not pooly on the flap and then at the very base of the heel it went back into tiny strips right where the heel is turned before the gusset stitches are picked up — that’s the only place, other than the toe where it also goes back to tiny stripes, that you can distinctively see a pink stripe and a separate orange stripe.  I like them.  Now the question I am wondering — If I start the second sock and pull the yarn from the center of the cake rather than the outside, will it swirl be going in the opposite direction on the second sock?  or will I get something totally different?  I think I will try it to see what happens.  The yarn for this one is Fibercharmer Valhalla and the color is One of a Kind.  I used 2.25 needles and 80 stitches.

The second yarn I will be trying is this.


poolyIt’s caked on the calendar and it’s the lower yarn in the next photo that shows it still on the hank.   It’s another Fibercharmer Valhalla and the color is Mood Ring.    (Remember Mood Rings – the colors they turned – blues, greens, purply – and the color the metal they were made out of turned your finger (or at least mine) green! LOL)


Instead of totally plain jane socks, I may put a bit of a rib or something into the Mood Ring socks and change the stitch count by just a few stitches to see what it might do.

Then this morning I pulled  a third choice out of the stash.

ab2Time will tell if this will pool or not but I love the light peachy color with the browns and cream (or maybe just barely tinted peach and not really cream – hard to tell at the moment.  I love this yarn – it’s Three Irish Girls and the feel and sproing and the colors of their yarns — I love it all. It’s Adorn Sock and the colorway is “Brown Eyed Girl” — appropriate since I am a brown eyed girl. 🙂

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    • It will be interesting to see what the second sock does since on the few socks in the past that have pooled – one has pooled and the other most striped.

  1. I am so surprised at how that pink yarn just disappears into the orange. Great choice. Love the peachy/brown Adorn and will be excited to see how that one turns out! Thanks for the reminder about the mood ring. I loved those things!

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