More swap blocks

   Before lunch I finished off these blocks so I’ve sewn up all the life saver batik  pieces I had cut out and I think I’m done making swap blocks.

So my next plan of attack is to go pull them all off the design wall  and measure them all to see which ones go to the swap pile and which ones I keep for me. (well really my next plan of attack is to go make some cookies but after that or during that I’ll be sorting blocks). 😉

Beverley and Janet had commented on the prior blog post regarding the third quilt layout and possibly setting that “gold sashing” block both horizontal and vertical.  Hey I can’t show you all my fun projects!  LOL  I do have one layout where I did color it in with that section going in both directions for a different project (and yes it looks good) but it would not work with the swap blocks.   I forgot that I had recolored some of the corners of the blocks with a different project in mind in that third layout but in the swap blocks, those corners are actually black.

  That third layout has the blocks set on point (actually both the last two layouts are on point designs and there is a second block design used with the life saver blocks so there’s really no sashing). So with the blocks on point, if you tried to make it with the swap blocks (and put the black corner triangles back in the right spots like the swap blocks have)  it would actually look like this – with two separate diamonds and black triangles in the middle.

If you altered the alternate block to get the gold pieces vertically too, it would look like the next image.     Either one would have great open spaces for quilting.    A little more alternating of the alternate block and I get the last image — see this could go on forever (that’s why EQ is so addictive – just a little change here or there and a whole new idea) so I’d better get off the computer so I can get something else done. 🙂

  They all remind me of bracelets or strings of jewels.

7 comments on “More swap blocks

  1. Oh, My!!! I’m new here having just signed up for the bird blocks. This “Life Saver” collection of Swap Blocks is awesome!!! I’ve never seen anything like it and I can see where y our EQ7 could become VERY addictive. Wow!!! If I had my choice it would be the second photo of the layout.
    I’m SO glad I found you!!!
    And I’m glad to see Sindy’s Fat Cat designs here as well.
    Thank YOU!
    Judyth in Kansas

    • Welcome Judyth but I don’t kow what you mean by seeing “Sindy’s Fat Cat Designs here as well.”

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