Life Saver Block Swap update

I updated the LSBS page with the packages received as of last night (mail doesn’t arrive until later  in the day on Saturdays).  Five packages received so far. 

Remember,  if you haven’t already – mail that swap package today! 🙂

I was playing a bit more in EQ with the swap block design.  The first image is the original one I designed for these swap blocks and if you completed this swap, you will be receiving the information on how to complete this quilt design with your swap blocks.

But I haven’t decided if that’s how I’ll actually finish putting together my own swap blocks.  Here’s a couple more ideas I’ve been playing with that I also like.  Then again, there’s probably enough batik fabrics aroud here that I could probably make all three!

8 comments on “Life Saver Block Swap update

  1. Hey Denise
    On that last block layout, what if I put that sashing (yellow) block vertically and horizontally?

  2. I like the first the best then the second one. Although, with the third layout, the sashing would be good on both horizontal and vertical as Beverly said.

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