City Streets!

It’s design wall monday over at Judy’s blog – such great eye candy so check them all out.    CTS is still on the big design wall. I will get back to that one of these days. But I’ve been busy yesterday and will continue working on today – the Batik Lifesaver swap blocks. These are the ones I had done yesterday – I’ve got about 27 more in various stages and hope to get them all sewn this morning.

  I posted several different colorways of this quilt design, which will be the March quilt for the Stitchin with Justquiltin 2013 project.  The stitch along will be March 16-17, 2013.

I also asked for name suggestions and much thanks and congratulations go to Glenna for coming up with an absolutley perfect name for it — “Reminds me of a taxi in the city. I’d call it “City Streets” cause my eyes just keep moving when I look at it.”

If you take a look at this map of the Capitol Square area here in Madison, you will see why I think it’s so perfect.  (Okay, you need to tilt your head to the left when looking at the map to get the right alignment.  But that pieced block square in the very middle of the quilt  is like where the capitol building is.  It has main roads going out like a “plus” sign in each direction  and it also has roads traveling out on the diagonals.  The next block out (the large square formed by all the dark brown squares) — on the map you will see those roads too – for those who live in Madison, we  refer to it as the “outer square”.  

So I hope you’ll join me in March to make this project named by Glenna.  And as a thank you Glenna – please email me ( with your full mailing address and I will send you some of my Justquiltin goodies — the mousepad and pen with the Stitchin with Justquiltin 2013 logos on them. 🙂  Sure to be a collectors item some day! ROFLOL

Thanks to all for playing “name that quilt.” 🙂

11 comments on “City Streets!

  1. I am so thrilled. I live close to DC so that is where my inspiration came from. I thought it was kind of quirky but just couldn’t see anything else even after I read through all of the other very creative suggestions. Thank you for letting me be part of your design.

  2. That’s a good name for it. I’m terrible at thinking of creative names for things. My design wall blog post is right next to yours on Judy’s Linky. You might recognize the pattern in my thumbnail picture. =)

    • Thanks. Yes they are going to be straight set rows and then here’s a border of smaller octagonish blocks with the fabrics reversed.

  3. Love the quilt, and the name goes great. Looking forward to the Stitch Along.
    Thanks for another great pattern.
    Lisa in Alabama

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