4 days

Yes I’ve given myself a nice 4-day weekend.  My plan – a lot of sewing, some cooking, dinner with a friend, knitting and yes, there definitely does need to be some cleaning!   Looking around me I have to wonder why I have random hanks of yarn on the couch, on the shelf below the tv, on the breakfast bar (I think I was digging looking for a specific one and never put them all away — or maybe they exploded out of the too full storage tubs) . They need to be gathered and put away. 

Then there’s the new fabric I just received from Hancocks of Paducah.  That too only made it as far as the couch (which unfortunately is the “dropping” place when I walk in the door at night.   I got the Kona Black I need to make my batik swap blocks so that will go in the washer tonight along with some batiks so I can start cutting out those blocks tomorrow.  Are you participating in the swap and if so, how are your blocks coming?

I also ordered three other fabrics to use together in a quilt – I so love the colors and there’s a wide stripey fabric that is stunning.  I haven’t taken a photo of them but I will one of these days.  I may need to design one of the upcoming Stitchin with Justquiltin projects around that fabric.  Speaking of which – Stitching with Justquiltin 2013 that is – don’t forget the first free project will be posted on Saturday and that you need to click the button in the sidebar for that particular project in order to get everything you need.

But digressing a moment back to the Hancocks of Paducah order — included was their latest fabric catalog (which I’ve only skimmed and it made me really want to order more fabric!) but I did a double take when I first looked at it.


 There on the front cover, very bottom, middle quilt is my quilt design!  It’s one I did for Hoffman Fabrics for that particular line of fabric, Istanbul. 

I don’t know if bodes well for my credit cards or checking account that in addition to this catalog to peruse a bit more, I also got in today’s mail Keepsake Quilting, Knitpicks and some other yarn catalog.   Will power……

I did make progress this week on my Loopy Ewe 1st Quarter Challenge project (the one that has to be only one skein of yarn and have cables in it).  Drifted Pearls is coming along but I’m still afraid I may run out of yarn — but then I always am afraid of that.  We shall see.  Tho I still don’t really care to do cables, even one stitch cables, I do love the cables, twisted stitches and bobbles and scallopy edge on this scarf.

Now perhaps a bit of tidying up while I heat up some dinner. 


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  1. Thank you for the close-up of the bottom of your scarf. I’m not a knitter, but I love looking at things like this. I love the look of that yarn. Can you tell me what it is? I’m making scarves for cancer patients, and I think that would be so soft!

    • Oh Judy now you spoiled my suprise guessing that it was for you so I simply can’t send it to you now. LOL Even tho in WA you might just need it. I’m still a bit concerned that the yardage on the pattern is off since my yarn ball is dwindling but keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. I’m not a knitter (I crochet) but that green scarf—-I love lust it!
    Looks so soft – I can almost feel it around my neck! lol

  3. I dont know the terms used in your yarn project but boy is that beautiful, all the curves or cables you say but i don’t see the pearls. will it be scarf? Such a pretty color.

    • Yes it is scarf — there aren’t actual pearls. The pattern is called Drifted Pearls — but the bobble stitches which don’t show up real well in the photo stand out like pearls would so maybe that’s what the designer was referring to.

  4. I love reading your blogs and looking at quilt designs. I admire your knitting. Being a non-knitter,
    couldn’t ever get both hands to work at same time caused me to give up trying. After reading and
    looking at your scraves, socks and vest, it makes me want to find someone to try and teach me again.

    • Thanks Angie — sometimes it just takes a different teacher for someone to “get” knitting. There are many different ways to hold the yarn, needles, etc. and everyone has their preference – some are easier to learn than others.

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