Whoooo Are You???

First – I just remembered it’s the first Stashbusting Reporting day on Judy’s blog. And yes!! I actually have something to report!  5.5 Yards busted for the Coloring Outside the Lines quilt top.  Now to get it layered so I can count backing too but that may have to wait until next weekend.  Need to clear off the table so there’s actually room to layer a quilt. 😉  And Yes — waving hand madly in the air — I was one of those people trying to entice her into buy fabric but I found the most perfect fabric for the backing of one of the bird quilts so my telling her about it was just a “public service announcement.” ROFLOL  She stayed strong tho, even when I told her I don’t think any fabric purchased and paid for in 2012, even tho it doesn’t arrive until 2013, does not have to be counted as an addition to the stash since it was paid for last year. 😉  

Whoooo Are You????

One of the bird designs I’ve had floating around in my brain was an Owl.  Remember the Owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials who tried to figure out how many licks to get to the chocolatey center? I suffered from his same weakness — loved the chocolate tootsie pops and never made it to the center without biting them to get there quicker.

Anyway – enough rambling – I woke up this morning with the Owl in my head and decided to see if I could get him drawn up.  I don’t know that he’s finished yet but here he is so far.  I think his name is Egbert – he’s shaped like an egg.

 I never did really get to the laundry yesterday (I did throw one load in around midnight but there’s more to do).  Instead I managed to get the first draft of a pattern for Hoffman Fabrics written — it too, uses one of my bird designs which goes great with the lovely cardinal prints that they do for the holidays (and next year’s holiday fabrics will be no exception).

Just need to double check all that pattern info before sending it off and once that job is done, I can concentrate on writing up one of the blog projects,  either a Strictly for the Birds design or Stitchin with Justquiltin project, so we can get started.

I did get several hours of knitting in late last night so there has been progress on the Greta vest.  It doesn’t look like much right now but it’s progressing.  In addition to the socks I’m also working on, I did a bit of knitting yesterday afternoon on the red linen stitch cowl in my UFK basket.   I love the way it looks like it’s woven rather than knit but it takes longer to make progress since the stitches are more compact.

I picked up fresh blueberries at the store yesterday so I think some blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs would be just about perfect for brunch and while they are baking, a bit of laundry and cleaning and then my plan is to spend the rest of the day sewing or knitting.


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  1. I love your new design. Ebert is a nice name for him. After working all week with tiney pieces of fabric it was so nice to see a simple wonderfull design. I am so looking forward to your booms this year.
    Thank you for sharing Gods blessing of your talent, with us.

    • I really like the look of that vest pattern so hope I like it when it’s done. As she says in the pattern, it really needs a soft yarn to get the drape of the garment. I originally started it in some sproingy wool and it was just not right. The alpaca I’m using will be nice and drapey. Need to go wind another hank so I can alternate rows just in case there’s a shade difference between hanks.

    • Thanks – he reminds me of the Owl in Mr. Roger’s Land of Make Believe on PBS – a sleepy looking owl — I think his name was X the Owl or something similar (my younger sister was the Mr. Rogers era)

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