Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’m racing the clock tonight  regarding the 12 in 2012 sock challenge.  I’ve more than met my challenge number of 12 pairs of socks but I’ve got one more I’ve been working on  – the Candle Power socks – and I’ve just got a few rows of the toe on the second sock to finish and I can count one more pair finished in 2012 that will not end up in my UFK (unfinished knitting) pile for next year’s challenge.  So stay tuned for that final report on the 12 in 2011 Challenge.  Are you ready to join in next year’s challenge – do you have UFKs you want to get finished.  The Sticks ‘N Strings Challenge hopefully will help me get some of those UFKs finished – check it out at the button in the sidebar.  And hopefully help me not buy “much” new yarn per the challenge rules I set for myself.  Now I will fess up — Eat Sleep Knit carries the Skein cashmere blend sock yarns I love and their website says they will not be restocked since the manufacturer will be discontinuing that particular line.  OH NO!  Yes, I had to nab three more hanks today before I can’t get them anymore. 😉

I spent the weekend visiting with my parents, home (well in Wisconsin and Iowa from their now home of Arizona) for the holidays.  They have determined after the massive snow storm and cold weather that they do not miss the Wisconsin winters at all. LOL  But nice visit with them and my older brother and family and one of my nephews and his girlfriend.  Alas my sister and the rest of her family ended up not being able to join us due to their being really sick.    I forgot to take very many photos and those that I did turned out badly because I was shooting in a really sunny room which showed the sun but not the people well but look at this  face


  That’s Zoey – one of my niece’s dogs.  She sat and posed for me so nicely that I just don’t know why they say she’s a bit of a  hellion. LOL  She was very sweet.

Now to crank up the heat (it’s 11 degrees and I had to wait an add’l 20 minutes at the bus stop since I just missed the bus I really wanted) and then go get that sock done!

A safe, healthy and happy new year to all!