Which border fabric?


  My original EQ7 drawing had two borders added before the pieced border in basically the colors shown on the right of the quilt — hence the reason I bought those fabrics.  The green IN the quilt  drawing was more lime green and not the darker green I used. 

If you scroll down 4 or so blog posts you’ll see the EQ drawing of the whole quilt.

The fabrics on the right are all from the same fabric line used in the crayons but those specfic fabrics haven’t been used in the quilt.

As I was looking at all of these I decided the first border would actually be the background fabric.  So I cut the strips then hopped back on the computer to see how long they needed to be.  In the meantime I colored in the quilt image with the background fabric replacing the color I had in the first border strip.  It just didn’t look right.  It needs to be the black fabric to sort of rein in all those crayons — back to the cutting table.

So, the next border added will be black – which fabric would you use  for the next plain border, keeping in mind that there will be a pieced border added after that with colors from the center of the quilt.  I think I have already made my decision, but what color would you pick — the bright blue on the left, lime green, raspberry, toast, or blueberry?

21 comments on “Which border fabric?

  1. I think a color you are NOT going to use in the pieced border. Those corners in the original deisgn kind of get lost. Maybe a dark color.

  2. A nice thin boarder of the dark blue you show will frame it nicely. Then do a nice boarder of the lighter blue. I say this because the look is so bright and wonderfu. Great looking quilt.

  3. Have you thought about putting a small white border around it first to continue the background, then put a small black framing border? After that, any or all of the colors would look great!

    • Yes – in the post I said I had originally cut the background fabric for a border but then when I colored it in in EQ that way it look totally goofy which is why I’m switching it to black.

  4. Oh, I like the raspberry alot, but also the deep blue too! The raspberry will probably pop more than the blue….anyway, it’s awesome!

  5. I am looking forward to seeing what you have decided but decided to add my 2-cents worth:) I think the blueberry is too dark to be next to the black border. The lime green is pretty and would look good with the black border, but it is so different to the green in the center. (I see several have picked the green) I guess I like the raspberry or toast.

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