Final progress



Well time for me to call it quits on the sewing for tonight, find some dinner, clear away a bit of the sewing mess (since I had moving to my dining table to sew to avoid the chilly sewing room).   It’s been a very relaxing  – but busy with all the knitting, baking and sewing – 4 days off which turned to 6 days off thanks to Mother Nature and the dump of snow. 

I’ll have to bury the ends on my Honey Cowl tonight so I can test it out in the cold tomorrow.

I did play a few minutes in EQ today and as I was looking at the bird designs I’d done so far and trying to figure out how to draw a bird a “hand” so it could hold on to something, I thought of friend Judy in Texas and started giggling to myself (okay not really giggling since I’m not really a “giggly” type of person with perhaps the exception of the quilting vacation where we had left over fresh strawberry margaritas that we had stuck in the freezer and decided to eat the next day — with a spoon since they were like snow cones and it wasn’t until we had a goodly amount that we realized there’s a sort of delayed reaction till the alcohol in them kicks in when they are that frozen and sweet and it really wasn’t just sorbet we were eating  — then, yes, giggly could describe me and perhaps Judy) 😉  anyway………. it was making me smile as a Texas  bird idea popped into my head.  So I did a quick drawing of it and sent it off to her “Tweetin – Texas Style”     Although as I look at it again the name “Jay Walkin” also comes to mind too. LOL

It’s by no means a completed drawing since the boots and hat aren’t quite right and would need some more work if I decided to do anything further with it, but I had to send the picture off to her.  There is something that just strikes me so funny about those skinny bird legs in boots of any kind.

Tweet - Texas Style   Okay – off the computer and find some dinner.   Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Which border fabric?


  My original EQ7 drawing had two borders added before the pieced border in basically the colors shown on the right of the quilt — hence the reason I bought those fabrics.  The green IN the quilt  drawing was more lime green and not the darker green I used. 

If you scroll down 4 or so blog posts you’ll see the EQ drawing of the whole quilt.

The fabrics on the right are all from the same fabric line used in the crayons but those specfic fabrics haven’t been used in the quilt.

As I was looking at all of these I decided the first border would actually be the background fabric.  So I cut the strips then hopped back on the computer to see how long they needed to be.  In the meantime I colored in the quilt image with the background fabric replacing the color I had in the first border strip.  It just didn’t look right.  It needs to be the black fabric to sort of rein in all those crayons — back to the cutting table.

So, the next border added will be black – which fabric would you use  for the next plain border, keeping in mind that there will be a pieced border added after that with colors from the center of the quilt.  I think I have already made my decision, but what color would you pick — the bright blue on the left, lime green, raspberry, toast, or blueberry?

Blocks Done

col  My crayon blocks are done and just need to be sewn into their rows.  These have been so quick and fun to make.  The hardest part was my background fabric.  It is white with a slightly cream marbling on it.  I think I managed to get them all right side out and if not – heck you cannot tell.

I’ve  been having a “Christmas Carol” marathon while I’ve been sewing yesterday and today.  It’s one of my favorite holiday movies and I have probably 4 or 5 different versions of it.  But now I think it’s time to switch to something else — another all time Christmas classic — Santa Claus Conquers the Martians — LOL 


Happy Christmas Morning to All!

  It’s a bright and sunny Christmas day here.   The coffee is brewing, I’ve got a carmel sticky bun warming, so it is at its ultimate gooiest, and then I think I’ll have to get dressed so I can get back to sewing on my crayon quilt.  May your holiday season be a joyous one.

I started knitting last night on my second Candle Power sock.  I may just be able to squeak one more finished pair of socks in before the end of the year. 🙂