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  1. DENISE: EASE YOUR IRONING WOES! GET A ‘MANGLE’ IRON – They are an electric ironing device that has about 20″+/- padded ‘roller’ that (when you press the lever with your knee) lowers onto a heated, curved metal plate. The fabric is automatically fed through between the roller and the plate – and voila! PERFECTLY PRESSED FABRIC! There were used extensively in the 50s-70s, and I remember sitting for hours, using that ironer to press sheets and my father’s shirts, as well as many other things. (Before the day of ‘permanent press’.)

    GOOD NEWS! YOU CAN FIND THEM AT ESTATE SALES – MAYBE EVEN ON EBAY OR CRAIGS LIST. Usually they are LESS than a really good hand iron. If you find one at an estate sale, many sellers allow you to put a 50% bid on the item; if no one offers full price at the end of the sale (usually over the weekend), you get it for half off!

    When I get new fabric, I fill up the washer, then dry the fabric in the drier. Then, I use a ‘pressure pump type’ sprayer (for insects or weeds) and lightly dampen the fabric using water only. (I use the pump sprayer because my hands get tired using spray bottles.)

    I CAN PRESS YARDS AND YARDS OF FABRIC IN 30 MINUTES OR SO – WHILE SITTING DOWN! This is the EASIEST WAY TO IRON FABRIC! I was lucky and inherited my Ironrite from my Mother – and really love it. Reminds me of a lot of happy days when we ‘laundered’ together – “way back’, too.
    Linda Gale

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