Are you to blame?

I’ve mentioned Pinterest once before and if you use it and have pinned any of my images, I’d appreciate it if you would read this.  My prior post was musing about how it makes it right to take photos from someone’s blog — photos which are the photo-takers property – and simply pinning them all over Pinterst.  How is that not copyright infringement?  Well clearly it is.  Many people don’t care if their photos are Pinned.  But I do believe that if someone requests you NOT Pin their images, that you be responsible and NOT Pin their images. 

After my last mention of Pinterest, I thought about it a while and then added the text you currently see in the right sidebar under my picture.  However it was not in capital letters until today when I changed it because clearly there are those who are not paying attention to it.  Did they not see it – I think if you are pinning photos that belong to someone else, it’s your responsibility to actually look at their blog to see if they request you don’t pin any or some of their photos.  


Since I do try to get some of these patterns published, I do NOT want them pinned all over the web before they’ve been submitted to a publisher.  I don’t want to have to stop showing images of quilts I’m drawing and tweaking simply because there are people who Pin the images and ignore my request.

I’m not talking about buttons in the sidebars — those you can always snag the image of to add to your blog if you are participating in the project.  I’m talking about my original quilt designs drawn in EQ or actual quilts I am making from those original designs.  Which are original?  I don’t expect you to know that and that is  why my request says not to post  ANY quilt designs/images – all bases are covered then.

So  just as a “for instance” — did you pin any of the Bird designs like Snow Birds?  The request that you NOT pin my quilt images was added to the blog BEFORE I even started drawing the group of bird images yet I found them Pinned in several places on Pinterst. 

I’ve had my say (a/k/a rant).  I know there will always be people who won’t follow such a simple request.  Shame on them.

I’ve turned off the comments on this post — whether you are pro or con Pinterst, agree with me or not, those are your opinions and I have mine and I don’t want a debate started on my blog about this topic.  And please don’t be one of those sneaky people who leaves your comment on this topic on a different blog post.  Yes it does happen LOL.  I don’t ask people to refrain from commenting often but there’s always those tricky ones who just can’t help themselves and must post their comment on a different blog post which just boggles my mind. ROFLOL

See I can laugh about this now that I’ve ranted – I’m not a person to hold a grudge.  I rant and get over it and simply won’t look at Pinterest again to see if people are still Pinning my images.  It would only annoy me all over again and I’ve got so many better things to do —

Like the fact that it’s nearly lunch time and I still haven’t made my Orange Chocolate Chip scones.  I found a new recipe to try – mine weren’t getting “scony dry” enough if you know what I mean.  I’ll let you know if this recipe is the “keeper”.  Of course the dilemma is mini semi sweet chips or giant dark chocolate chips?  Seriously, can you ever go wrong with giant dark chocolate chips???? 😉