One more new item for 2013


 Sticks ‘n  Strings – that’s what I’m calling my 2013 knitting challenge.  If you have losts of knitting UFOs that you want to get finished, you may want to join in the challenge.  And if you don’t have a “must buy new yarn fetish” you may do much better on the not buying new yarn that I do, or you may actually need to buy yarn because you don’t have any stockpiled (now how  crazy would that be!).

But feel free to join in and adapt the challenge to whatever will spur  you on to finish those knitting UFOs and we can all cheer each other on.  At the end of each month I’ll do a “Sticks ‘n Strings” blog post so we can report our progress for the month (or lack thereof) and cheer each other on to completion.

Click the Sticks ‘N Strings button in the sidebar to see the rest of the challenge info.

Okay – I think that’s all the various new projects for 2013 that I have floating round in my head  — for the time being ayway. 😉

Speaking of challenges — it has been a true challenge for me to iron that pile of fabric I washed a couple weeks ago for my crayon quilt!  Sheesh – I keep saying I’m going to do it and then get sidetracked on something else.  Tomorrow it is top of my list (well close to the top since it’s probably right behind making orange chocolate chip scones and cleaning up the kitchen).  If I get it ironed, I may actually get to start cutting out that project.  I’ve been home three days now and haven’t stitched a single stitch — that’s just wrong!


And another new item coming in 2013……..

swj blog button


  Yes – I have too much time on my hands right now! LOL   Judy, Susan and Sheryl should be thankful that I have kept my so-called brilliant ideas to myself and not come up with another idea involving them and their talents. ROFLOL  But I decided I’d give them at least a year off . 😉


Anyway the “Stitching With Justquiltin” in 2013 will be weekend sew along type projects.    Preliminary info can be found by clicking the button in the sidebar.

So there’s the “Strictly for the Birds” projects, these “Stitchin with Justquiltin” projects, and I’ve got a mystery project waiting in the wings too.  

So now I just have to finish writing up my 2013 Knitting Challenge.  It’s mostly a challenge to myself but you’ll be free to join in and challenge yourself too.