Bird Baths

Birdbath1   Yes, yet another bird design I was playing with today.  Don’t your birds don their shower caps when taking a bath in your bird bath?  Hmmmm….. maybe not but wouldn’t they be cute that way!

I’m still working on this one since I haven’t hit upon a border that I really like yet.

Did you notice the new blog header?  I decided it was time for a change and since the new free patterns project for 2013 will be “Strictly For the Birds” I decided it should be  a new birdy header.

For more info on this upcoming project for 2013, click that big blue button in the sidebar to get to the information page for “Strictly For The Birds.”  I don’t have all the details figured out yet but there’s some general info there.


On the Needles Friday – 12/21/12

I nearly forgot about Judy’s On the Needles Friday!  I’m going to be really confused the next few days having had yesterday and today off because of the snow and then Monday and Tuesday because of the holiday.   So I ended up with a 6 day weekend!

As for what’s on the needles – too many things but the things that are getting attention right now are:

otn The Honey Cowl — I’m nearing the end of the third ball of yarn.  I’ve got one more to go.  I was afraid I might not have enough yarn that I can pull it up over my head like a hood if I need to but I think it will be just about the perfect length.

The yarn on the right is Smooshy Cashmere – one of the colors that was done at The Loopy Ewe  for Camp Loopy — NoSeeUms (we were all in different “bug” groups to start out with and although I was a June Bug, I couldn’t pass up buying this pretty colorway.  This wil be another pair of Simple SKYP socks.  I cast them on yesterday thinking I’d have a long bus ride to work through the snowy streets, but instead I can sit in my comfy chair snuggled under a quilt and work on them.


I also settled on the yarn I will be using for the Mystery Shawl with Joji on Ravelry.  It needed three colors and here they are.


kal The rest of the day has been spent (1) washing a couple quilts.  These are old ones that I made way back when that are the “tv watching” quilts.  Packed away the cookies I made yesterday (after powder sugaring them — Mexican Wedding Cakes made with almonds).  Mixed up some bread and now there are two yummy (yes I had to taste test the end of one) loaves of bread cooling on the counter.  It’s part wheat and part white flour  – I do like the combination but it was necessity since someone forgot to buy white flour last weekend.  So I’ve been making a grocery list as I’ve gone along too since I used the last of the yeast.  I may have to brave the weather tomorrow for a trip to the grocery store.

Of course the thing that’s taken the most time is I’ve been playing in EQ with more bird designs for a couple hours.  I’ll show you the latest one in the next blog post — along with an announcement about those birds for those who have been asking for the various patterns. 😉

But that blog post will have to wait since I’m starving!!  I’ve been waiting for that bread to cool so I can go make myself a sandwich for a late lunch and can’t wait any longer.

It’s 2:30 p.m.  and still the guys who clear the sidewalks have not been here. But check out the impressive icicles hanging from the deck above my door.  The longest – nearest to the building – is over 2-1/2 feet long.  I may have to put my boots on and trek around to the other side of the building to see if the parking lot has been cleared so I can get to my mailbox.

ici  It looks so lovely out with that sunny blue sky against that white snow but it’s 17 degrees and windy so I  know it feels even colder. But I think I can make the trudge to the mailbox since I haven’t gotten the mail all week this week.


Snow Day Revisited

domeYes a second snow day for me today.  The city buses for a second day will not be out on the road which they’ve never done before.  The office is set to open at 9:00 a.m. but I can’t get there.  While, yes, one snow day is fun since it happens so rarely, two snow days is a bit of a bother since I do have plenty of work on my desk I could be doing.  And I don’t particularly like the fact that I couldn’t get anywhere even if I wanted to.  Cabin fever after only one day? LOL

Well, I guess I’ll appreciate the long weekend since we have Christmas Eve day off this year so a mini vacation now through Christmas.

This photo I took at 5:30 a.m. this morning when I stuck my head out.  Love hat dome of snow piled upon the birdhouse.  It’s got to be close to a foot high.  I did quickly shut the door tho since it’s really windy and the temps have definitely dropped — BRRRRRR.   They haven’t been through here again to clear the sidewalks since early yesterday morning.

Guess I’ll go turn on the coffee pot and then hop back under the covers to watch the news.  I think today’s project will be cleaning the sewing room and since I didn’t do it yesterday, baking some bread (hmm…. have to check out the flour supply first…)