Eighteen inches!

bhYes according to my weatherman, that’s what we’ve gotten since about 11 p.m. last night – they have 18″ of snow in the station’s backyard.  The trees in my photo are part of the station’s  land so a foot and a half of snow – thank you very much Mother Nature but that will hold me for a while now.  It’s heavy and wet so I’ve very glad I don’t have to do any shoveling.  I guess the up-side is that it is moisture and after such a droughted summer, moisture is good.

When I just looked out  now the snow on top of that birdhouse is stacked up about a foot hight and here’s a good 8″ of snow balancing on the top of the fence line.

Then there’s all those branches that are sort of hanging in and around he birdhouse — those shouldn’t be there.  I was shocked when I opened the door earlier and saw them hanging so low from all  the snow on them.  But when I looked a short time ago the winds seem to have blow most of the snow off those particular branches since they have gone back up out of sight from the doorway.

I think it’s mostly blowing snow around now and not necessarily much coming down but I can’t really tell.  Now I have to wait until 4:30 in the morning before the city bus system will decide IF they are running bus service on Friday and if so, full service, starting late, etc.    I really do need to get some work done tomorrow but I’m dependent on the bus service to get there.

s But isn’t it so pretty to look at. 🙂

I spent part of the afternoon going through the yarn to find a third color that I need for the shawl KAL on Ravelry.  Just need to double check yardages to makes sure each color has enough.  Also would two other hanks for my next two pairs of socks.  So cast on one sock — if I am able to get to work tomorrow the bus ride wil be slow and longer than normal so plenty of time to get in some quality knitting so I’ve got that sock all ready to go.

More snow birds?

vinebirds  Now these are true snow birds –the poor things — they have no stocking caps or boots and they sorely need some.  They are sitting on some vines — sort of like grape fines — that cover part of the fence.  Sure makes those old vines look pretty with all that snow.  Even all the holes in the chain link fence are now filled in with snow so you can’t see through it which looks really wierd.    This is definitely prime snowman building snow!  I just went out and knocked the snow off the bird feeders since I have a ton of birds but I feel bad that there’s hardly any seed left and I’m out.  So crushed up some sesame seed crackers I was saving for them since they had gotten a bit stale and they seem to be enjoying them.   The cardinals really show up today against all those snow trees!

There’s also a couple other shots of the woods.
The lighter photo — that tree in front should not have branches that are hanging down to the ground as they are.  I can see one that is already broken off from the weight.


The snowflakes coming down now are huge but the wind is also picking up which means I think those trees will be losing some more of their branches today.

woods1woods2vinesI’ve done some cleaning and laundry, took something out of the freezer to thaw since I’ll have time to make a real meal, knit a bit more on my hone cowl, and I can’t believe it’s not even 11 a.m.  That’s what happens when you get up at 5 a.m. I guess. VBG   Time to see if the butter has softened enough to mix up those cookies.

Guess what today is……

snowdayfinalnewstring  Yes! it’s a SNOW DAY! for me.  And no, I will not be finding a big hill and pulling out my trusty Flying Saucer — people would get hurt! Mostly ME! LOL

I looked out the window at 12:30 last night when I went to bed and there was a couple inches on the ground, and it was Thundersnow — thunder and lightening and the snow comes down like crazy.  But that mustn’t have last long and it slowed.  So I was a bit disappointed that when I looked out at 5:15 a.m. it didn’t look a lot worse.  But then in watching the news, I realized it’s just my location that probably makes it look not bad.



This is what it looked like at midnight… not even the whole patio in front of my door had a covering of snow — of course there’s a deck above it.


The other photo is from this morning – not a huge difference.  However, I’m in sort of a protected area, down under a hill out of the wind.  In looking at the news reports, we actually have about 6″ of snow tho there’s a lull and it had stopped snowing and it’s starting to really blow and when I opened the door it sounded like it was actually drizzling.  Heavy, wet  snow and rain — followed by blizzard condition winds — let’s hope it doesn’t mess with the power lines!  There’s still another 6 -10 inches that is supposed to fall today.blow

snowdOf course the real thing that turned it into a snow day for me (since the office has not officially closed – at least as of yet) is the city bus lines – my only mode of transportation to work –  announced at 5:15 a.m. that they will not be running any of their buses today.

So  – go back to bed – heck no – it’s a snow day! How many of those do you acutally get as an adult?! (I think I’ve had two, maybe three snow days in the last 25 years) 😉

Coffee is perking (so to speak),  I may knit a little while, and then consider getting dressed and doing some cleaning and maybe baking some bread or cookies or some such treat.