20 in 2012

Yes that’s 20 in 2012 — way beyond my original challenge of 12 in 2012 — pairs of socks that is.  I just added to the challenge page my 20th pair of socks.

Pair 20 Tesserae

Pair 20 Tesserae

I can’t believe I finished that many.  I actually have made more but some of them are still single socks at the moment.  Can I get one more pair done before the end of the month?  Maybe. The challenge is winding it’s way to a close — did you meet your goals? or some of your goals? (we won’t discuss that “no yarn buying” portion of this challenge – that fell upon the wayside long ago).  I’m already busy figuring out the details of my challenge for next year!   So far I’ve knit over 5 miles of yarn this year (again, we won’t mention how many miles I may have purchased — suffice it to say, more than 5 miles). Speaking of that topic we aren’t discussing (buying yarn) here’s what somehow miraculously arrived at my office this week from The Loopy Ewe.  I think Santa must have sent it to me because I’m such a good girl, right?  Are you nodding in agreement??  You’d better be. LOL  This yarn is for the mystery shawl KAL on Ravelry that Judy – yes that Judy – is also planning on doing (no I did not twist her arm – she’s too far away for me to do that – no matter what she tells you).  I still need one more color to go with these two but I plan to go stash diving for that one.  It doesn’t start until December 27 if I remember right.kalIn the meantime, we’re on blizzard alert here.  Predicted – at least a foot of snow between tonight and tomorrow night in my area – more a bit north of here.  And then of course blizzard winds setting in to add to the fun.  I don’t think there’s hardly a school in the area that hasn’t already cancelled their classes tomorrow, including finals at the University cancelled.   I did get a call after I got home that we’re opening the office at 9:30 rather than the usual 8 a.m.   My determining factor will be if the city buses are running AND can get up the hill I live on.   Tho I think it would be quite funny if somehow this storm missed us with everything that people were cancelling so early.


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    • Congratulations Christine! Bakers Dozen is excellent progress. I don’t know what it is about blogspot blogs but from my home dial up the blog opens, it shows images in the sidebars but it never opens up the actual photos in the blogs. I’ll have to take a peak at them from a different computer but again, congrats on meeting your goal and having all those great new socks to wear!

  1. I do need to choose my yarn for the mystery, don’t I? I was feeling so good thinking I might finish 13 pairs in 2012 and there you go posting about 20 pairs. Congratulations! You did great.

    • Thanks! 13 pairs is nothing to sneeze at either! 😉 And yes choose that mystery yarn. I’ll have to take a picture of the final group I chose for the mystery tho I keep sort of flip flopping between two different ones.

  2. 20 pair! Holy Moly, that is impressive. I have a couple new knitting goals for the new year. Hubby wants a vest made with alpaca yarn, I have wool for a sweater for me. I will always have a pair of socks to work on. 🙂
    The challenge has been fun, hoping to finish that 12th pair before the end of the year.

    • I know – can you believe it – 20 pairs. Which are pretty much all in the sink getting washed at the moment. 😉 It definitely cut into my quilting time tho so I need to give myself a new challenge for next year that allows me more time to quilt! Hope you get that 12th pair finished!

  3. Your socks are all beautiful. I was actually hoping for a blizzard here but it all went south and east of us. I hope you get to spend some family time over the holidays.

    • Yep – it’s a snow day for me today! but probably won’t see my folks until after New Years as they make their rounds of my siblings too.

    • It is not BY Judy. Judy and I are “doing” as in “participating in” a Mystery With Joji on Ravelry-

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