Honey Cowl

Honey Cowl - free pattern on Ravelry

Honey Cowl – free pattern on Ravelry  M

My Honey Cowl is coming along nicely.  The yarn colors are a bit washed out in the photo – they are much prettier in person.  I’m just about at the end of the second ball of yarn and have two more or so to go.  I was afraid it might not be long enough to pull up over my head if it’s cold and windy but I think it just might be. I’m still plodding along on the Tesserae socks but hope to finish those up this week. I’m itching to get back in the sewing room and do some actual quilting but it needs some straightening up first so I actually have room to work and I still need to put away all the christmas decoration boxes and clean up all the messes I’ve made.   This year I’m just not going to get around to putting up the christmas lights outside and at this point I don’t think the Christmas cards I bought will be sent out either — maybe for New Years instead? LOL.  That being sick just messed with my schedule and Christmas is sneaking up too fast. I’ve got one more little box of ornaments to put on the Christmas tree yet.  I have a little feather type tree that I ususally put up at the office but didn’t this year and it has the cutest ornaments I put on it — little Old World Christmas type – the smallest is a gold fish and frog that are probably only an inch long.  So I think I’ll just add those to the top of my big tree.  So think I’ll go make a sandwich and decide what if anything else I need out of the holiday boxes before I put them away. We got a pretty snowfall today – covers the grass but the roads are just wet.  Later in the week is when that big storm is supposed to hit here with lots of wind.  Will have to watch the news to see what the latest prediction is of how many inches we may get.