Well of course they are snowbirds! They have their snow boots, they have their stocking caps, now if they could just remember where they left their tobaggon!



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  1. Since the picture didn’t show on my Mac, I assumed they were white birds against a snow background… thus all white.. chuckle chuckle

    • Ah – you got the blizzard version! — no that was wordpress deleting the images again so I had to go back in and re-edit to get the image back.

  2. You are getting lots of mileage out of those cute birds. Can’t decide which I like best-these or the blue and yellow ones. I think you have a real winner with this pattern.

  3. I just love all the birds you have done. This would be so cute here in Arizona….where we love our snowbirds! I will buy ALL of any patterns you write up from these adorable birds.

  4. I just love all your little birds,each set is cuter than the last.Will you have a pattern available for them for us to purchase? I would like to make a quilt of all the different ones. Your creative juices are always flowing and you always are able to outdo yourself again and again.Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

  5. Just to let you know I got nothing but the title. Had to come here to see your snow birds.. Cute.. how fun .. I can see you are really getting into them. Maybe a calender of birds or seasonal wallhangings.

  6. I am sooo loving all the birds – keep ’em coming! They will be so much fun to create – I hope you do make them into patterns/EQ files!

  7. I live in the mountains of Yosemite CA we dont have birds like the ones you have. You must live in a very special birdland of great imagination. Love them all .:)

  8. I’m a bird lover and these birds are adorable! I definitely want the pattern when there is one!!!!!

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