Heads or Tails?



I was going through and deleting some old images I don’t need to keep.   This one just makes me laugh and I don’t think I posted it before – plus I love those blue and yellow fabrics.  They make very summerly looking birds — in direct contrast to my wintery snowy day here.

Winter Wonderland

snow  Will there or won’t there be a photo attached — wordpress was playing games earlier and I gave up.  I do like their new media upload but it seems to have glitches just like the old one and would not put a photo in my post earlier.

Anyway……..this is what I found when I looked outside this morning.  We’ve had flurry or two previously but this is our first real snowfall.  What you can’t see in the photo is the big fluffy white flakes that continued to fall as I took this photo.  Now, a couple hours later, they are smaller flakes but still falling.  It’s actually not real cold out so it’s a very wet, sticky snowfall but it sure makes the trees look pretty.  I went out and moved the birdfeeders so they hanging protected by the deck above me, rather than getting covered in snow, and filled them up so I’ve had a flurry (no pun intended) of activity as the sparrows and cardinals have come for a snack.

Hmmm… where are those boots???