Ruffled Neckwarmer done….

ruffledneckwrap Now that was one quick and easy knit!  just  knit and purl and add a buttonhole  — super simple. I highly recommmend it  And what a cute neckwarmer.

I was digging through Grandma’s button collection, and shown are just a couple I’m considering but I need to go looking through the rest of the buttons.    Grandma saved buttons off of all the old clothes and even strung the sets of them together with pearl cotton so they are all tidy — or where since over the years I’ve gone delving through them for various things.  Most of the time the collection fills a mason jar base lamp – so they’re a decorative reminder of her.  Right now they’re all spilled out in a jelly roll pan so I can dig through them.  They are perfect for items like this but I stopped using them on other clothing.  There are some really unique ones but they date back to when plastics were made differently than the buttons of today and if too hot of an iron hits them they melt  (let’s not even discuss how I know that). 😉

The Berroco Boboli yarn this one is made out of is so soft – it will be very snuggly.    I’m thinking I may need to make another for me with just a bit longer ruffle on it.

December 2

Can you belive it’s already the 2nd day of December — how did we suddenly get to December??? (Note to self – go put the rent check out in the drop box later today!) 😉

Does it feel like December 2 – absolutely not and that’s a good thing.  I’ve got the sewing room window open just a bit to let in the fresh air.  Dec. 2 in Wisconsin and it’s over 50 degrees and going to be over 60 tomorrow.  I really should put up those outdoor holiday lights but I’m not in a decorating mood.

Kitchen has been cleaned, last laundry in the dryer, bedroom closet put back in order, and I’ve got the sewing room table cleared off.  Not bad considering I also got a bit of knitting in while I was sipping that first cup of coffee or two this morning.  My next project – the socks on the drying rack should be ready to come off and get put away and then the pile of fabrics I prewashed — oh two weeks ago? or longer? — which are still in a pile in the sewing room will get ironed and put away till I’m ready to start that project.  And I just might get the last of the machine quilting done on Madison Square Gardens.

Here’s the progress so far on the Ruffled Neckwarmer — ruffle is done and it’s amazing how when you do the decrease row the ruffles just all automatically lay in perfectly.  I love the way it looks so far tho I think on the next one I may make the ruffle section a bit longer -evey tho it seems to take forever going across all those stitches.