Belated On the Needles Report

I was just to lazy to get on the computer last night so here’s my On the Needles update.

First — thanks to all who joined in the Socktober Opal Challenge and hope you have at least one new pair of Opal socks to wear this winter!  It was fun to see all the different Opal yarns that were used and how they looked in the various patterns you chose.

As promised, there are two winners of a free ball of Opal yarn, one from the post on my blog where you needed to leave a comment and the other came from Judy’s post and you needed to link up a photo.  So…. drum roll please…..Judy D in WA and BethL in MD – you are the lucky winners.  I will be emailing you to get your mailing addresses.


   As for what’s on (or in this case off) the needles here, I have now completed my 18th pair of socks – 18 finishes this year so far!  These are the Gravel Grid sock pattern (find it on Ravelry) super easy pattern if you’re looking for one with a bit of texture rather than just plain vanill sock.  They are made with Three Irish Girls yarn (with a touch of cashmere – it feels sooooo good).

This is the pair where I made one toe too short so I ripped that back last night and they are now ready to be a Christmas gift.

Earlier this week I started on a plain vanilla sock in some self patterning yarn I had in the stash – Patons Kroy Socks Jacquards.  This is another yarn that I think is similar in wear and feel as Opal yarn — prior pairs I have made have been through the washer and dryer (tho I generally try to hang dry all socks but sometimes a pair slips through) and they just keep on going.  And if you’re looking for a hard working, inexpensive yarn, check your local craft shops. I’ve found this locally in chain stores like Michael’s.  What I don’t like about it – it’s put up in 50 gram/166 yard balls.  One ball is not enough to make one sock for me (remember I make large socks).  Hence the solid toe in the photo.  I used all but about 12″ of the ball of yarn and it got me just to where I need to decrease for the toe.  I managed to find some Jawoll at the quilt shop that was a good color to go with the sock so it all worked out.  The Jawoll yarn felt slightly thinner than the Patons but Jawoll always comes with a spool of reinforcing thread inside the yarn so did toes with those held together and it came out feeling the same weight.

    I’ve been eyeing up some new patterns on Ravelry and with all these self-patterning and self-striping yarns I’ve been using, I’m contemplating perhaps a solid color yarn but then there’s also the “single sock box” I’ve been ignoring.  Maybe I need to finish off the second sock for one of those pairs.

2 comments on “Belated On the Needles Report

  1. WhooHooo!!! And thank you very much! The challenge was quite fun!
    You amaze me with your knitting speed! I love the white toes. 🙂 That would make me happy when I put on those socks. I’ve always bought 2 skeins of that yarn and I’m saving the extra to make a pair of funky socks.

    • yes I don’t mind the white toes at all – I know I have more of that brand of yarn in the stash so I’ll have to see if I remembered to buy 3 balls of each color and if not, I’ll have more socks with solid colored toes in the future.

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