Definite progress

Okay I noticed that the on point leaf quilt image disappeared from my prior post – we’ll see if it stays attached here.

  I’ll still be contemplating different settings for a while.   I haven’t come across the leaf blocks yet as I was moving things out of the sewing room closet but then I remembered they’re not in that closet.  Doesn’t everyone keep storage tubs in their coat closet of swap blocks and quilt tops to be quilted?  That’s one of the things I hope to rectify with rearranging the sewing room again – get those tubs back into the sewing room closet.

I did finally wander into the sewing room and decided I would move the shelves again.  So you know that means various parts of the apartment are in a bit of a disarray as things get moved from here to there.

The shelves are out of the closet and the fabric is back on them and I decided to split one of the shelving units back into two pieces so they could go below the window.  Notice I actually have some empty space there (okay all the new fabric I ordered and I have on order will have a place to go) but that’s also where the boxes of thread and oher goodies will go.  But enough cleaning for one night.  I can smell the homemade french onion soup I took out of the freezer which must mean it’s nearly ready.  A bit of dinner, and then to put my feet up and knit – I think I’ve earned it!



Well I did end up going to get some groceries and refrained from buying “most” things I didn’t need (like the bakery that had my favorite peanut squares but I refused to pay nearly $5 for two little pieces of sponge cake) but somehow the dark chocolate chips and mint chocolate chips got in my cart but they were a really good sale price.  So now I’m craving cookies or bars and I just looked — no butter, wrong kind of margarine to bake with — drat and darn! so much for  that idea.  I did make brunch and I did knit a bit so it’s 2:00 p.m. and I’m going to venture into the sewing room to see what kind of trouble I can cause in there.

Oh and as I went out to catch the bus about 10:30 this morning — I could see my breath outside. Definitely a crisp fall day but sunny and lovely nonetheless.

And I did play in EQ a bit while eating – turning the leaves on point to get an idea how it would look.


Fizz and Fresco

What do Fizz and Fresco have in common — they are fabric lines from Patrick Lose and there will be a package (actually two) due to arrive early next week.  Every time I look at the header of my blog I think — I really want to make that quilt.  And I really want to make it in those bright colors.  And I really want to make it, get it done, so it can be used to photograph for the EQ Boutique pattern cover image.

  The fabrics from EQ that I colored it in with were in fact Patrick Lose marble mania so I started searching on line for a shop that might carry a large number of one of his fabric lines and never realized you can buy them direct from his website.   How easy and so many colors to choose from!   So the Fresco fabrics (similar to those shown in the image at left) will be the crayon points and ends and the Fizz, which is a tone on tone circular designed fabric will be the crayon ‘paper wrapper’.   It wasn’t easy trying to pick 10 lovely colors and then 10 more to coordinate with them with so many lovelies to choose from but I think I’ll be pleased.

I have never ordered from there before but within an hour or so I got an email my 21 or 22 different fabrics were cut and packaged and I had a tracking number.  Super speedy!   Course then that night when I was looking at the design I realized I hadn’t ordered the black fabric.  Dang – and I was rethinking the skinny border colors.    So next morning I placed another order for the 3 or so additional fabrics (the black and skinny border fabrics are from a different fabric line of his but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head). Within the hour – notice that my package was already in shipping and an email from Gary (who had been packaging my order) apologizing that my prior order had already been shipped so they couldn’t save the the extra postage.   Heck, I knew the other package had gone  – so told them no problem, I had simply forgot to order everything I needed.  A very short time later there was another email from Gary saying Patrick had asked him to refund both shipping costs and thank me for useing his fabrics in my projects and being such a good customer.    Well, you can’t get better customer service than that!  Unexpected, out of the blue, and there was absolutely no reason they needed to do that but you can be sure I am a very happy customer!  I can’t wait to see those lovely fabrics all spread out.

I didn’t go too crazy with the yardage amount of each piece I ordered but I should have some leftovers from each fabric (except maybe the background) so I’m already thinking that there’s two other projects the leftovers would be so perfect in.

  This one – which we’re going to be doing as a sew along on TQP would be great with all those leftover fabrics in the bright stars.  And my plan to make a mini Frozen Delights — they are definitely frosty treat colors.

Okay – I’ve had my coffee and now the only dilemma of the day — what to do next!?

On the agenda are such things as do I  (1) go to the grocery store (I haven’t had breakfast, I’m really hungry, this could be bad  but I’d have to wait for the next bus so I may loose interest in that by then LOL   (2) head to the sewing room to start some rearranging (hmmmm…. not so sure about that plan)   (3) refill my coffee cup and go sit and knit I (always a possibility)  (4) clean out the sewing room closet ONLY long enough to find my leaf blocks ? I’m leaning towards this one but know if I only clean enough to find those blocks, I’ll make more of a mess than I currently have.

What leaf blocks you ask?

I have a whole lot of appliqued leaf blocks that I made – hmm  2 years ago, 3? 4? and I was thinking I need to do something with them.  I love fall and usually need to make a new fall quilt or wallhanging each year to celebrate all those wonderful fall colors.

Here’s the layout I was playing with in EQ.  Just a simple layout but I’m thinking of using a jelly roll I have where the green fabric is in the sashing so there would be some fall colored scrapiness to it.  My leaves are all hand dyed fabrics if I remember right – many of them Cherry Hill fabrics so they look sort of suedey.

  The final task I was considering is doing one more search through the stash to see if I can find a fabric I like better than my original choice for the sashing in my CTS quilt.  But that too, would probably compel me to clean out the whole closet.

Guess I’ll get dressed first and see where that leads me. LOL

Pinterest – I just don’t get it

Things go in weird spurts — I got total of eight different emails this week, all asking about quilt designs that they had seen on Pinterest that led back to my blog when they clicked on them.   I’ve never gotten any emails like that before and 8 in one week!

I have looked from time to time at the Pinterest pages of friends and Pinterest  (which will now be referred to as just “P” because I’m  already getting tired of typing “Pinterest” and always want to misspell it) just doesn’t appear to be anything I’m personally really interested in  – collecting images of “stuff”?   I’ve got other things I need to be doing. LOL.

It could be because I work at a computer all day long and other than the blog, don’t spend my time on the computer at home at night.  It could be because I’ve never been a web surfer so having my own “P” page or viewing others “P” page really doesn’t interest me.  It could be that since I use dial up, I’m just not patient enough to want to do much web surfing or scrolling down pages and pages of collections of stuff.   It could be because I’m not into scrapbooking and “P” just seems like a giant scrap book.

Anyway when I got all these inquiries at once, I decided to search for my blog name and see just how many of my designs were floating around “P” and I was amazed at how much of my stuff I found out there.    Of course this then brought up this thought — Is “P” just an excuse of sorts to steal copyrighted images from other sources to put on your own “P” page ???   It would seem so.  There’s clearly images with copyright watermarks on them pinned all over the place, and we know that images don’t need to have a copyright mark on them – if you didn’t take the picture, it’s not yours to use any way you want.  So why does this not matter on “P”?

Part of me is annoyed by this and part of me says I guess I don’t really care  – seriously I won’t lose any sleep over it but it seems wrong.  The part of me that is annoyed is mostly annoyed that if a blog reader emails me an image of one of my designs they made, I always ask them if it’s okay to share their photo on my blog.  Some of the emails I received were asking about blog readers quilts assuming they were mine since it linked back to my blog — it’s one thing to steal my own images but another to steal images from my blog that  I specifically got permission to post, that annoys me so I may stop posting images from others on my blog.

And the other annoying part is a couple of those email messages I got were just rather rude — not all of them.  Some were just asking if there was a pattern, if it was mine, or a source, etc.  But then there were the rude ones –seriously, who raised these people?? jackals?   like the response from someone when I told them the image was for a pattern that was no longer available – you’d think I had purposely set out with a sole purpose of keeping her from getting that pattern and her life depended on it or something; or when I told someone that the pattern they were asking about was a quilt  I made for myself that was my own design but there was no pattern available [could I write up the pattern for her??? – yeah right I’m everyone’s personal designer cause I’ve got nothing better to do  – oh yeah and she wanted to make it King size so I’d need to adjust it for that], then there was the person who asked about a design I’m working on for EQ Boutique  – I told them eventually it would be available there — could I please email her directly when it is ready cause she’d like to use it as a christmas gift (again, I’m your personal slave and have nothing better to do and will gladly work according to your time frame) — okay I didn’t  really put any of  those sarcastic comments in my replies to any of  them but you know I was thinking it and they would have been richly deserved if I had.

So that’s my commentary for tonight (well this morning since I just realized it’s nearly 1 a.m.) and the end of my venturing into Pinterest pages.  I still don’t get it. LOL

Now I have to go  back to my knitting and continue contemplating another annoying thought — I really think I need to move the dang fabric shelves that not long ago I moved INTO the closet in the sewing room back OUT of the closet and into the corner in the sewing room.   I’m feeling claustrophobic in  the sewing room, and with trying to find places to store some off-season stuff, and I think that closet is the answer to some of those issues but dang it’s such a bother to move those shelves.    So I shall knit and contemplate the moving of shelves and furniture and stuff – if I make the coffee and hot muffins tomorrow morning, will you come move my shelves??  🙂