On the Needles – Socktober 26, 2012

 First — on the needles tonight – this pair of Zigzaga socks done in one of the Opal Bicolored yarns.  The heel flap is done and I’m ready to start turning the heel.  This is the first sock of my fourth pair of socks for my Opal yarn Socktober Challenge.  I challenged myself to make four pairs this month, which I knew was a tall order for one month, and with five days left — maybe, just maybe I’ll make it. It will come right down to the wire…. do I have to work every day next week???? Yes. LOL   So we’ll see what happens since I’ve got other things I need to do than just sit and knit all weekend.

Now this next blurry photo of the zigzags, yes I know it’s blurry, but it actually shows the zigs and zags which the prior  photo does not.  So you can see the neat textural pattern it makes.

What’s off the needles??? My pair of Sutton Spirit socks.  This is Opal Socktober Challenge pair number three and in the 12 in 2012 challenge, my 17th pair of socks since the beginning of the year!  I will have such warm and colorful feet this winter.    Or this weekend since the hi for the next week or so is in the mid to upper 40s.

Now, dinner, change to some comfy clothes (read as “pjs” and a quilt to snuggle under) and knit knit knit for the rest of the evening into the week wee hours.  🙂