The Mind Works in Mysterious Ways

At least mine does — and I KNOW there are those who would whole heartedly agree.  LOL

First – the not so mysterious — nothing to report on my stashBusting report this week.  I haven’t gotten to layering that quilt yet this weekend.  I have blantantly and without a care ordered new fabric tho! VBG   The balloon animal fabric as backing for the Child’s Play quilt,  some fantastic crayon fabric that will be used somehow in connection with Coloring Outside the Lines,  Pink ladybugs for the next Komen fundraiser quilts, and oh, yes, that’s not all….. a fabric that I’m hoping may work with my CTS colors so I can use it in the sashing rather than the plainer fabric I had originally bought.      And lastly, one of my nephews graduates high school this year (the last of the nieces and nephews to do so) so a gradation quilt is in order.  He plays the piano, drums and I think is going to be going to college with some sort of music major so I’ve ordered fabric with some neaty curvey piano keys along with three other fabrics, all the same print but diffent colors, with musical notes, cleff symbols, etc.  Don’t know what kind of design I’ll use but you know it will have to have a piano key border.  So stashbusting — no, quite the opposite going on here.


On Friday several of us went on a field trip — no you don’t get to go on field trips very often as an adult, and I didn’t even need a parental permission slip!  But several legal assistants went to look at the work stations we will be getting when the office is remodeled later this year.  The final check to make sure computer monitors will fit under overhead cabinets when they are raised to heights we want, that desk heights themselves were adjustable enough — lots of little stuff.  It was the first time I had seen the pieces in person (so hard to tell dimensions from drawing renderings).  Anyway, I think I’ll really like them and although the various surfaces are shades of gray from very light to very dark (which may sound boring) I think they will be really sleek looking – I love gray.  And of course what instantly popped into my mysteriously warped little brain — just last week I received this back from Quiltmaker.

  It’s the wallhanging/runner I made from the Posey Pinwheel block that was in the last 100 Blocks issue.  I always forget when I send them projects for their gallery since they keep them until just about when the next issue comes out, so I’m always surprised when they arrive home in the mail.

  With all the shades of gray in this project (and the pop of red) when looking at the workstations I immediately thought wouldn’t that wallhanging look really really good on my work station wall!

Then I was thinking how much I love the backing fabric on this project    — that great circular design.  Hmmm…. wonder if I have any scraps of that left (I think I do).  I think I’ll need a little mug rug for my coffee cup to match the wallhanging right?  The two gals who sit by me may need a mug rug too.  LOL


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  1. I love gray fabrics too. Absolutely love them. Black is my favoriate color. Goes with everything.
    Stash busting? Not in my vocabulary lately. Sadly!

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