There’s got to be a better way!

  I can be a fairly organized person but the EQ files, BOM patterns, and all that other quilty stuff – we’ll they are not necessarily named anything that may pertain to the final pattern in that file I’m looking for — which means whenever I need to find something the hunt is on – going through piles of CDs  I won’t even show you how high that stack of CDS is and how badly they are marked.  After doing that and not coming up with everything I wanted — I remembered the THUMBDRIVES . Sigh.  That is where it was most likely to be and after going through the pile of them shown (which does not include the one that was in the computer or the one I just remembered is in my purse), I still have come up missing.

I’ve been trying to locate all the month patterns for the Granny’s Hankie BOM — you would think I would have saved them all in one place – that would make sense.  But I’m missing the May pdf.   The search will continue later but everytime I go through this I say — I’m going to make a list of what’s on each disk or thumbdrive or fiind a better way to organize them — do I? of course not  because that’s a boring job and I’d rather  be designing or quilting or knitting or just about anything.  But perhaps I’ll put that on my list for some boring winter  day – to get all those things organized.  In the meantime — I’ll continue my search but for not — there’s got to be something more exciting to do. LOL

I have not wasted the entire morning searching files — I did find time to get a couple loads of laundry done and make some yummy Raisin Bran muffins for breakfast!

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  1. Hope you find what you’re looking for. I do much better with paper files ! And am kind of behind when it comes to computers. Enjoy your day! Good luck !

  2. denise
    I have the may granny’s hankies and can send it to your email.
    Let me know if you still need it

    • Hey if you want to make life easy would be glad to send you back your pattern..LOL. I know I am collecting a few and realizing that it is getting to be quite the abundance…but better than all the space your mags takes up and fabric and wook, and yarn…LOL

  3. I *might* have a work around for you…if you’re using Windows XP (not sure about Win7…but I can check)
    Put CD in tray or mount USB
    Open My Computer and note the drive letter you want to work with From the Start button, go to Accessories, Command prompt
    You should get a DOS window (don’t panic)
    Type the drive letter with a : (i.e., F:)
    Prompt should show drive (F:\)
    Turn on your printer
    Type “dir > F:\list.txt” (No ” ” marks. This will create a file named list.txt on your USB. If you want one for a CD, use C:\ to create it in the root of the hard drive)
    Type “print list.txt”
    The names of the files on the disc or drive will print
    Feel free to email me and I can give you my phone number and walk you through it. HTH,

    • Thanks — I do know how to get the lists of what’s on the cd or thumbdrive (tho I don’t think I’ve tried doing it in Win7 yet) but my main problem is the document name ( or especcially the EQ file names) may not really tell me what the file is. I need to do a better job of renaming files before I’m done with them.

  4. You might want to open a drobbox account (its free and start storing patterns on there.. You can create different folders on it to organize patterns, pieces of patterns, etc. At least then you won’t have to search thru CD’s and thumbdrives. hugs

    • I think that would just give me one more place to search for things. 🙂 You can create folders to organize on cds and thumbdrives too – but I seldom do. I’ve used a couple different free storages sites and wasn’t thrilled with either — they tend not to play nice with dial up service.

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