What do…..

Dragonfly Tattoo, Vampire Squid, and Ghost Moth have in common?  Well they are names of yarn colors of course!  (purely coincidental that we are approaching Halloween and one of them has Vampire in the name and the other Ghost).  These are the Skinny Bugga yarns I ordered from Cephalopod Yarns for I Love Yarn Day.  I’m definitely going to have to remember that holiday for next year!

Here they are.

  The Vampire Squid is the fall color looking one with great shades of rusts and browns to just a hint of green.  The two in the center are the Dragonfly Tattoo — those will be for a something other than socks – shawl, scarf, cowl — who knows but with the bit of cashmere in this yarn it will feel nice and soft.  The last one is the Ghost Moth

I think when Socktoberfest is over I’ll put the Opal yarns away and use that Vampire Squid next.

Kitchen chores have been done, several loads of laundry done, a bit of other straightening up completed and it’s after 2 p.m. so I think time to reward myself with a bit of knitting and movie watching.


There’s got to be a better way!

  I can be a fairly organized person but the EQ files, BOM patterns, and all that other quilty stuff – we’ll they are not necessarily named anything that may pertain to the final pattern in that file I’m looking for — which means whenever I need to find something the hunt is on – going through piles of CDs  I won’t even show you how high that stack of CDS is and how badly they are marked.  After doing that and not coming up with everything I wanted — I remembered the THUMBDRIVES . Sigh.  That is where it was most likely to be and after going through the pile of them shown (which does not include the one that was in the computer or the one I just remembered is in my purse), I still have come up missing.

I’ve been trying to locate all the month patterns for the Granny’s Hankie BOM — you would think I would have saved them all in one place – that would make sense.  But I’m missing the May pdf.   The search will continue later but everytime I go through this I say — I’m going to make a list of what’s on each disk or thumbdrive or fiind a better way to organize them — do I? of course not  because that’s a boring job and I’d rather  be designing or quilting or knitting or just about anything.  But perhaps I’ll put that on my list for some boring winter  day – to get all those things organized.  In the meantime — I’ll continue my search but for not — there’s got to be something more exciting to do. LOL

I have not wasted the entire morning searching files — I did find time to get a couple loads of laundry done and make some yummy Raisin Bran muffins for breakfast!