It’s coming sooon……

      Blog Tour Starts November 5!  and that happens to be my day on the blog tour.  The countdown has started and the “blue” issue will be hitting the newstands the beginning of November and I’m anxiously awaiting my advance copies.   Links will  be added to the sidebar so that throughout the Blog Tour you can easily find your way to the Quiltmaker blog where all the info on which blogs to visit each day will be listed, along with prize giveaways, etc.


Pink Ladybugs

Aren’t those ladybugs adorable!  I just love them and you know I’m not really a pink fan by any means.  The only pink fabrics I generally buy are for the quilts I make for the women’s golf outing that benefits the Komen Fund each spring.  So I’m always on the look out for what I might want to use the the next year’s donation quilts for that event.

I saw this, and I knew I had to order it for next year’s quilt.  Don’t know how I’ll use it yet or what fabrics I’ll find to go with it but these bugs are just too cute and I can think of lots of possibilities.


I was also going to use some really boring (but on hand in the stash) wide backing fabric so I could start quilting the  Child’s Play quilt.

But a quilt so bright and cheerful and fun — I decided I really needed to find it a fun backing fabric and what could be better that a white backgrond with colored specs and bright colored Balloon Animals.  They are just too cute and the oh so perfect backing for this quilt.  So I’m anxiously awaiting it’s delivery.

In the meantime, I stopped and picked up some batting so I can get a different quilt layered this weekend so I can start quilting on it.    But for now, it’s back to my knitting while I plan my path of attack tomorrow — where to start cleaning first…..


What’s on the Needles Friday – Socktober 19, 2012

Gosh where did the week go — my last post was design wall Monday.  It’s been a busy, tiring week and my knitting pace has fallen off compared to the last two weeks.  The past two weeks by Friday night I’d be finishing off the foot and toe of the second sock of a pair of socks.  Not so tonight.

 I do have the first sock finished of this pair — my 3rd Socktoberfest pair.  And I do have the second sock barely started on the needles next to it but certainly won’t be finishing that off tonight even if I don’t go to sleep.

But — I did also start on the 4th pair of socks.  I was just about done one night with the toe of the sock shown but if I finished the toe, I wouldn’t have the next sock ready to knit on during the bus ride to work.  I get a lot of knitting done on that ride to and from each day and I don’t like having to cast on a new sock on the bus.  So rather than finish the toe, I  cast on and started on the Zigzags Sock pattern.

The Zigzags are made using another of the Opal Bicolor yarns so it has such great colors to it.  You can’t tell from my photo but it’s call Zigzags because there is a single row of purl stitches that travel up and down around the socks in what else?  – yes a zig zag pattern.  Just a great subtle little texture addition that I really like.

But it’s only October 19 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can meet my personal challenge goal of 4 pairs of socks.

Oh and my package of yarn purchased on I love yarn day has arrived but I’ll show you that after I can ge a good photo in daylight because I so love the colors — and it’s Skinny Bugga so what’s not to love!