Design Wall Monday

  CTS blocks are still up on design wall 1  — waiting for those two missing house blocks before I can start on the sashing.  I also can’t start on the sashing yet because I ordered a new fabric to possibly use for it.  Something with a little more color than the navy tone on tone I originally bought.  The new stuff may be a bit too pastel but it’s hard to tell from just the online swatch.  But in any event it’s a lovely batik so will get used even if it doesn’t work for this project.

Design wall 2 still has the stained glass runner stuck on it tho it is now quilted and binding pinned for final hand stitching.  But heck I’ve been too busy knitting to do that hand stitching on the runner or the butterfly wallhanging that just needs the binding done.

Here’s how far I am on the first sock of my third party of Opal Socktoberfest challenge socks – down to the straight-away of the foot.  I like how the pattern on the leg broke up the stripes a bit and then the sole shows the stripes.  I just happened  to have some brown solid Opal that matched the stripey yarn perfect so decided I’d do the heel flap and toes in the brown.  I’m always so paranoid I’ll run out of yarn so nothing to worry about when mixing in the solid.

  And don’t miss out on the sale at EQ Boutique — they have extended it a day or two.  The code for the percentage off is in one of my blog posts from the weekend or on the Eq Boutique site.