Spumoni and Stained Glass

Not often two things you think about together.

But here’s the stained glass

  I got it quilted today, binding made, sewn on and pinned to the back so I just need to hand sew it down.


I did start cutting out the pieces for my two remaining CTS houses but then I came across this which a friend had given me for my birthday — the Spumoni


I need a new totebag so I’m thinking I may need to use these for that once I come up with a plan.


Socktoberfest Opal Challenge Update

Pair # 2 is done!  Finished the toes on them early this morning as I was sipping my coffee.

 So this makes pair # 2 (of my challenge to myself to make 4) socks done for the Socktoberfest Opal Challenge.  So later I’ll go delving into the box of Opal yarn to decide what I want to do net.  Stripey pair? patterning pair similar to this?  Use a pattern or plain jane sock?  So many decisions to make. 😉

In addition to being my 2nd pair for this challenge, it is added to my 12 in 2012 Challenge and there it is my 16th pair finished!!    There are 1760 yards in a mile so I’ve now knit approximately 6,900 yards worth of yarn year to date (not just socks but also my Camp Loopy projects) which means I’m just 140 yards short of knitting 4 miles.  It’s much easier and quicker to BUY 4 miles of yarn than it is to knit it. LOL

But 16 new pairs of socks so far this year — I’m real happy about that.  Can a girl have too many pairs of socks?  I don’t think so (especially as much as I hate doing laundry).



EQ Boutique Weekend Sale

With the holidays coming up, in addition to lots of other patterns, you’ll find great holiday themed projects from many designers – halloween, fall themed, christmas, etc.  Check them out.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately about Child’s Play, Coloring Outside the Lines, and other patterns asking when they will be available at EQ Boutique.

I so appreciate the interest but can’t give you a specific release date.  It’s been a busy summer and I haven’t had time to send any new designs to EQ Boutique.  I have a whole list of them I need to get to and eventually will finish getting them ready.  I do always post on the blog when a new pattern is available.

But check out this sale — you get a free block collection for that “spacey” child in your life. 🙂