Rain and wind and falling leaves

That was what today was filled with.  It’s definitely a blustery cool fall day – gray all day and of couse it had to start raining right before I left work.  I think there will be a lot fewer leaves on the trees tomorrow morning because they were fluttering down as fast as the rain.

A good night to make some soup for dinner (since I’m uninspired to make anything else), and then get comfy and knit the rest of the night.

Before I ended my quiltathon days on Sunday night, I did manage to get this top layered so it’s just waiting for me to clear off the table again to make some room to machine quilt on it.  Haven’t decided what thread I want to use yet or how I want to quilt it.

Most of the pieces (not the circles or squares at the ends) but all the rest were left over pieces from another project I had made so they went to good use rather than going in the wastebasket.

Last night I finished off the first sock of my second pair of Opal yarn socks and then cast on the 2nd sock — one good thing about the Socktoberfesst Opal Challenge (SOC) — it forces me to make the second sock right away when I might otherwise be tempted to work on something else.  Between this challenge and the 12 in 2012 (of which I’m already up to pair 15) I’m not going to have to wash those knit socks as often because I’ll have a much bigger supply to choose from this year than I did last year.

Here’s how far I am on this 2nd pair.  The yarn photo is from the Box of Fun waiting for me when I got to the office on Monday from TLE.  They did some yarn colors based on Camp Loopy and one of them was “Sunrise” –you can probably figure out which one has the sunrise colors in it.  The other two are Skein Top Drawer Sock – one of my top three favorite types of yarn.