Christmas Town Sampler blocks

I moved all the blocks to the big design wall to lay them out in order.  The blanks on either side of the border are for the two blocks I need to make yet.  Now that I have them all in one spot together, I can stare at them for a while and decide if I like them as is or if I want to switch anything around.


Quiltathon Day 4

Yep I’m back at it again.  Tho think I need to do a bit of straightening up in the sewing room soon before the mess gets too out of hand.  My plan for today is to get the last of the House in the Woods blocks for CTS cut and possibly sewn.  I do have to do some other chores around the apt today too but hope to spend the better part of it sewing.

Last night I did get the eyes and nose on my Cinder Paws block (Sheryl’s cute kitty pattern)

 but hmmmm I just realized I forgot to add the holly leaves.

And I started on Sheryl’s block for this month ahead of time before she had posted it so mine will be a bit different since she had tweaked her design a bit from what she originally had thought about using (that’s what I get for jumping ahead) LOL.  I told her I couldn’t have too many kitties on the quilt anyway since I’m allergic. VBG

So here’s the pieces of that block that I just need to add the window framing to.

Although I see to recall some fabric with dogs printed on it that looks realistic and might have a dog the right size that I could fussy cut and applique it looking out that lower right window pane but I may just leave it the way it is.

In any event, I shall tackle these things after I hit the shower and find something to eat — since yesterday I have had raisin bread french toast on the brain – I don’t know why but I just happen to have some raisin bread.

I also made good progress last night on my 2nd pair of Socktober Opal socks.

The heel is turned and I’m nearly done with the gusset decreases.


2:15 p.m.  I’m losing momentum today —  but I think that’s because I’m hoping back and forth doing laundry, then in the sewing room for a bit, then cleaning somewhere else, etc.  Or it could be because there’s simply no chocolate in the house. VBG

But, here’s my version of Sheryl’s (original) block design


Now I just need to finish cutting out two more House in the Woods Blocks.  There’s a couple block I may add a bit of embellishment on.  I hate appliquing  holly leaves – all those wierd little curves and corners they drive me nuts and that darn Sheryl has two blocks with them on. LOL  I’m thinking on the window block above I may use pearl cotton and stitch little pine bough type needles in the center of the ribbon and add some french knot berries.   Or I may just pretend the moon is not bright enough for your to be able to see the holly and berries. ;-]    The cat block has them too but I’m thinking I may leave them off there and perhaps see if I have any fabric with the right size christmas tree ornaments printed on it so that I could fussy cut one and put it there instead of the holly as if he had stolen it off the tree.

I shall have to think on these things a bit — and I’m thinking a latte will help…so would a brownie, does anyone deliver?

Stash Report week 40

Finally — yes — finally a bit of fabric used since I’ve spent the last three days in the sewing room and actually got one project to a finished top that had been malingering in the sewing room and got another quilted and binding added.

So a whopping 12 yards used this week.  Yards used so far this year a measly 76.5 yards — way down from past years but there’s still hope that I can hit at least 100 before the end of the year.

And that is just yardage used — not net since I  stopped keeping track of fabric added — although there definitely is not as much fabric added into the stash and in past years either so that’s a good thing (I think I switched the fabric addition for the yarn buying addiction). LOL