Socktoberfest Opal Challenge – Pair 2

WordPress can be so annoying some times!  Upload the photo, type the text, publish the post and zip zero nada  — it deletes it all!  So here we go AGAIN!

  This is the second pair started last night for the Opal sock challenge.  I usually don’t use the self patterning yarns for myself because the “pattern” is set up for a sock that uses fewer stitches than I do in my socks so it never “self-patterns” quite like it’s shown.  But I really like the colors in this one.  The gray areas look like they are sort of floating on the breeze – not the tight little design shown on the yarn label but I like it none the less.  So this is how far I got last night and with a little bit of knitting with that first or second cup of coffee this morning.   Did I say I loved the colors in this yarn?


4 comments on “Socktoberfest Opal Challenge – Pair 2

  1. Lol, as soon as I saw the pic I thought “ooh, I like those colors!” Then I read your post and laughed.

    I never thought about the self-patterning yarns not working for different sizes, but it stands to reason doesn’t it?

    Oh, and to avoid the “computer ate my post” problem I usually write my posts in Notepad and then copy and paste them into Blogger. I’d still have to redo the links and images if Blogger ate it, but I least I wouldn’t have to rewrite the whole thing. And for comments I do a quick copy before I hit submit.

    • Yes – the self patterning ones usually have sections that are sort of like a checkerboard between stripes — they never look checkerboard on mine unless I make them in a smaller size for someone else. But it’s interesting to see how they really do pattern with a larger number of stitches. I think most of my Opals are self striping rather than self patterning. I do really like how these are looking tho.

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