Socktoberfest Opal Challenge Pair No 1

Done – yep – just finished weaving the toe.  So 5 days to finish one pair – can I keep up that pace?  Undoubtedly NOT! but it’s a good start anyway.  And since it’s just going on 11 p.m., time to go pull the next Opal yarn from the basket and decide what kind of socks I want to make.

   Plain? or something else?  Will have to see once I pick out the yarn.

And although this is only pair 1 of an insane four pairs I have challenged myself to make this month, it is  pair number fifteen!!!! added to my 12 in 2012 Challenge.



4 comments on “Socktoberfest Opal Challenge Pair No 1

  1. You have inspired me. After 50 years of knitting I finally made a pair of socks. In fact I’m on my 3rd pair and I love them. I haven’t found opal yarn so guess I won’t be in the challenge but the last pair only took a week, with work and home so I think that’s pretty good. Thank you for the inspiration.

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