Socktoberfest Opal Challenge Pair No 1

Done – yep – just finished weaving the toe.  So 5 days to finish one pair – can I keep up that pace?  Undoubtedly NOT! but it’s a good start anyway.  And since it’s just going on 11 p.m., time to go pull the next Opal yarn from the basket and decide what kind of socks I want to make.

   Plain? or something else?  Will have to see once I pick out the yarn.

And although this is only pair 1 of an insane four pairs I have challenged myself to make this month, it is  pair number fifteen!!!! added to my 12 in 2012 Challenge.



Quiltathon Day 2 – October 5, 2012

I’m off to a late start — just headed into the sewing room around noon.  I got caught up sitting and knitting a bit.  Then there was a new book I started that I wanted to read just a few pages of while sipping my coffee.  Well more than a few.  Then decided I really needed to make a fast trip to the grocery store so all the chores are done.

I pulled out the  Flitterin’ top that was the free birthday pattern I put up on the blog and took the quick way of layering it – basting spray.  It works so well for those little wallhangings.  I use 505 Spray and Fix – no odors and doesn’t gum up the machine needle.  All the other brands I’ve tried, despite their claim not to gum things up, have so I stick (no pun intended) to the 505.

  Here it is all ready to go.  Now to pull out the other sewing machine and choose some thread and figure out how I want to quilt this one.  The goal for today is to finish this off, get the binding made and attached so I can hand stitch down the back this weekend some time and then who knows.  There’s  a dog block I want to make into a little wallhanging,  or maybe layer another little project to quilt…. will have to wait and see what happens.  I’ll update this post later today with what I accomplished.

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4:15 p.m. update — the butterfly is quilted, the binding is made, it’s attached and pinnned to the back so now I just have to hand stitch it down.  That may wait a while because heck – I’ve got Socktoberfest knitting to do in the evenings not binding sewing — at least for this month. LOL

This afternoon has gone by very slowly it seems — but I think its because I never had lunch and was getting hungry and every time I’d look at the clock I’d think – isn’t it time to make dinner yet.  Then I finally decided no reason I couldn’t have dinner at 4 p.m. 🙂  but I didn’t but it will be earlier than normal for me.    But there’s acorn squash baking in the oven and there will be smoked pork chops and fresh asparagus and a crusty french dinner roll.  Yummmm.. I am hungry.       Well a bit of a tidy to do in the sewing room so I don’t have to do it tomorrow a.m., and then off to knit till dinner is done.


On the Needles Friday – Socktober 5, 2012

  Let’s try this again — yes I know you probably got a blank post if you subscribe to my blog.  That was WordPress having hissy fits and deleting my original post.

Anyway – once again – here’s my first pair of Socktoberfest Opal challenge socks. One done, one now on the “straight away” straight knitting until I get to the toe decreases.  I hope to get this first pair finished off this evening.

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