One sock down …. 7 to go

  There it is — my first sock of Socktoberfest completed (don’t you like the photo shoot among the leaves) LOL  My patio table, chairs, patio — everything is covered with leaves.  I’m going to have to go out and clear a path later.  The leaves have begun falling in ernest the past couple days and later this week we’re supposed to get down to 30 degrees one night.  Time to clean out the flower pots (which pretty much died of drought this summer) and sweep away some of the leaves since it’s supposed to rain in a day or two and wet leaves are slippery leaves.

But back to the sock – it’s Opal Bicolor 5504.  Just my plain sock pattern but on the leg of the sock I alternated some slipped stitches with yarn in front and alternated those with plain knit rows to give a bit of texture.  I started on the second sock last night, knitting until the wee hours of the morning and then work up early and got another 2 hrs or so in before having breakfast so I’m ready to start the heel flap on that one.



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  1. Great job! I wish I was coordinated enough to knit!. bb


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