One sock down …. 7 to go

  There it is — my first sock of Socktoberfest completed (don’t you like the photo shoot among the leaves) LOL  My patio table, chairs, patio — everything is covered with leaves.  I’m going to have to go out and clear a path later.  The leaves have begun falling in ernest the past couple days and later this week we’re supposed to get down to 30 degrees one night.  Time to clean out the flower pots (which pretty much died of drought this summer) and sweep away some of the leaves since it’s supposed to rain in a day or two and wet leaves are slippery leaves.

But back to the sock – it’s Opal Bicolor 5504.  Just my plain sock pattern but on the leg of the sock I alternated some slipped stitches with yarn in front and alternated those with plain knit rows to give a bit of texture.  I started on the second sock last night, knitting until the wee hours of the morning and then work up early and got another 2 hrs or so in before having breakfast so I’m ready to start the heel flap on that one.



Quiltathon progress

Friend Judy (yep you know who I’m talking about) is having her October Quiltathon.  I’m usually working so not around to play along but today and tomorrow – VACATION – so I’ll be doing quilting right along with her.  Check out her blog as progress is made by everyone participating.

It’s time for me to get Child’s Play finished!   I just stuck the rest of the sections back up on the design wall.  Found my sashing strips and the fabric I bought to use for the border so hopefully I’ll get the whole top put together.  I’ve been absolutely procrastinating on trimming up that train block to the proper size.  Making sure I get it centered, and lined up with the wheels so it doesn’t look like its running up or down hill — well time to clear off the table and bit the bullet and get it done.

2:45  p.m. — great progress has been made.  Did I mention how I hate adding plain borders — it’s not hard, it’s just boring.  But the sashing on either side of the hop scotch boad has been added, train was squared to size and added with sashing strip and finally the rest of the first border all the way around.

Just finished cutting the outer border and nearly cut it going in the wrong direction but came to my senses before the rotary cutter hit the fabric.  This one had to be cut lengthwise rather than across the selvage to get all those great color changes.

So here’s where I’m at right now.

   Isn’t that outer border fabric going to be just perfect?  I  love it. Can’t wait to get it sewn on to see the finished product.

The sashing and pinwheel fabric doesn’t show up well in the phots and it all sort of looks like a blueish gray print but here’s what it really is  – bright little lines of color.

It appears the rain has stopped – a few short showers – and the sun is coming out so I may have to wander out and run an errand.  There’s a couple things at the grocery store on sale I just might need — like that fresh asparagus that is $2.00 off a pound — my favorite vegetable — and then maybe back to some sewing.

7:30 p.m.  Well I did “try” to run some errands  but as I got to the upper street, the bus went by.  Oh well – nothing that couldn’t wait. So back to more sewing and I’m happy to report that I did actually accomplish what I was hoping to today and  and the top for Child’s Play is now finished.  Borders are on and it can move to the “needs to be quilted” pile.  Originally the design  had a jump rope appliqued in opposite corners in the outer border but with all those bright colors in the border, I think it would just sort of get lost so I’m not going to add it — although I may machine quilt it in the border instead.

So here’s the top all done.      I think that’s enough sewing for today ….. off to my comfy chair, a movie or two or three and some knitting on those socks.